Arcader Slot Review

Arcader Slot Review

Arcader Slot Review

The Arcader is a video slot that anyone who loves the look of a classic arcade game will enjoy. From it’s brightly neon coloured pixelated graphics to its upbeat soundtrack, Arcader is a slot that is both modern and unique. The slot follows the story of an ancient civilisation who, before their inventible end, left massive monoliths so future civilisations could reap its benefits of them, gifting whoever uses it generous cash rewards. This video slot was meticulously developed by Thunderkick, and The Arcader features 5 quickly spinning reels and 15 fixed paylines. The Arcader also has additional ways to increase the total playout by using bonuses, wild symbols, expanders,its mystery symbol and mystery game opportunities.

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Theme and Symbols

Arcader Slot Review

Arcader Slot Review

The Arcader takes place on a mountainous planet located in deep space with a peaceful background that shows another planet and the stars. The original planet where the slot is located was home to an ancient civilisation that previously thrived. However, before their unknown fate wiped them from the planet, they decided to leave five magical monuments in a last attempt to keep their legacy alive. The slot encompasses brightly lit graphics, impressive animations, and upbeat background music that is sure to keep anyone playing fully engaged.

In the Arcader, the reels are located directly on top of a mountain with a perfect view of the rest of the surrounding galaxy; the mountain even has an interesting glow to it which allows for the slot to stand out even more in the depths of space. The usual background of the slot is a dull blue colour that is peaceful and gives off a scenic view of the galaxy. However, once the bonuses and other additions are achieved in the game – the background begins to change colours to a magnificent purple to an ecstatic green that even features lasers and more intense music. All the symbols featured on the reels are pixelized, neon coloured, extremely bright and follow a trend of being fruit related, a few of them being cherries, oranges, grapes, melons, and a few letters and numbers.

Special Features

The Arcader features two wild symbols that can increase your winnings. The first wild symbol is represented as a blue “W”. However, the wild can substitute all other symbols, excluding the bonus symbol, mystery symbol, and the expander. The other wild symbol, also known as sticky wild, is shown as a green “W” and it can substitute all other symbols during the bonus game. The expander is a prized feature than anyone should hope to see on one of their reels. As the name suggests, it expands the reel that it appears on with the symbol that displayed the best possible payline.

The Arcader features a mystery feature that grants multipliers to the winnings. Accessing the mystery game requires at least three mystery symbols appearing on the reels. The mystery symbols are displayed in the form of a purple “M”. It should be noted that the amount of times the mystery symbol appears on the reels correlates with the multiplier amount. This can award a 1x multiplier for three symbols, a 2x multiplier with four symbols and a 6x when five appear. During the mystery game, there are five symbols that can double the amount if luck is on the player’s side.

Arcader Bonuses
The Arcader features bonus symbols and a bonus game that gifts free spins along with multipliers. The bonus symbols are represented as a green “B” and to access the bonus game, there must be at least three bonus symbols on the reels. Any additional bonus symbols received during the bonus game grants extra multipliers. During the bonus game, there will always be on the sticky wild symbol displayed on one of the three central reels during the free spins. No matter how many bonus symbols are displayed, the player will always get nine free spins with varying multipliers.

Our take on Arcader

The Arcader is a fun and colourful video slot that is like popular and older arcade games. It features an array of generous bonuses and wild symbols that can easily lead to a higher payout by the end of the game. Moreover, the theme of the game is extremely engaging and interactive. A perk of this slot is that the mystery and bonus games are limitless, so players who are lucky enough to spin them multiple times are at an advantage of earning a higher payout.

The only setback of this slot is the minimal amount of free spins that can be received. However, considering if you can spin enough mystery symbols, you will have the opportunity to win over a hundred dollars’ worth in winnings, along with the multipliers, and that in itself makes up for the lack of free spins that can be won during a session with this slot.


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Arcader Slot Review
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Arcader Slot Review
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