Thunder Gaming Review

Thunder Gaming Review

About the Company

Thunder Gaming is a company that is based in Long Beach, California. This company is mainly a production studio that films, records, and produces commercials, television shows, music videos, and films for an array of big name clients such as Adult Swim, Food Network, Kia, and even Calvin Klein. Through the years, the company began the process of branching out into new territory, E-sport broadcasting. Currently, this feature of the company has not been released to the public – however, Thunder Gaming has released an array of promo videos showing and explaining this new addition.

Types of Services

Overall, Thunder Gaming is a well-known production company in the entertainment industry. Many artists, brands, and independent projects have either rented out or used their studio for the production of a few iconic commercials, music videos, or films. Even I was surprised when I realised that the Progressive Insurance commercials were filmed here. Other than production, Thunder Gaming features a few other successful services such as automotive turntables, the largest pre-installed lightbox, an array of production supplies, professional production services, and even a catering service. Furthermore, to provide these services in a productive way, Thunder Gaming features several different stages that can be rented out for a certain amount of time, and that are perfect for the filming process.


In the coming year, Thunder Gaming is preparing to release their e-sport broadcasting branch that will be open to the public for seven days throughout the week. This branch will be located near the company’s other studios in Long Beach, California and will be specially designed to host these e-sports. If you didn’t know, e-sports is a competition of sorts for professional gamers. To provide an interactive and engaging experience for players there, and the fans who are watching from home, Thunder Gaming will broadcast these e-sports competitions live using their advanced and state-of-the-art studios and production tools. Furthermore, the company is planning for this addition to be an automatic success due to their planned features, such as having prominent e-sport influencers who will visit the studio, play against other players, and host panels. Plus, this branch is striving to host at least 5,000 tournaments a month for various video games and other events.

Mobile Content

Thunder Gaming is prepping for their e-sports broadcasting to be available through mobile devices. While they have not released which services, they will be streaming their live broadcast on, I can assume that it will be some that is compatible and optimised for an array of mobile devices. Or, the company might even decide to add a page on their website where they will embed a direct link for their live broadcast, along with previously streamed ones as well. If you are interested in their e-sports events, then I recommend you follow their twitter account to follow any updates on their mobile compatibility.


While this branch has not officially launched, they already are hosting an array of events and games, while also solidifying partnerships with other well-known gaming companies. In recent news, Thunder Gaming became partners with FadGames to add a new game to the company’s list “Fire and Dice South”, a table top card game. Though, the company also hosts events for other popular table top games such as Pokemon and Magic. Though if table top games aren’t your forte, every Monday Thunder Gaming hosts Mega Smash Monday (MSM). Furthermore, Thunder Gaming hosts constant video gaming events for popular multiplier video games, such as Call of Duty 3, WWII, and Operation: Thunderstorm, other than the games, the company usually gives out one prized gift to a lucky participant as well. If you are interested in e-sports, video games, or even table card games – then I recommend that you search for more information regarding their new games, upcoming tournaments, and fun events that are being added or hosted at the branch, using the company’s twitter handle to see their constant updates.

5 Brands that Use the software

• Fox
• Ulta Beauty
• Target
• McDonalds


Overall, if I must rate this company, I will have to give them a 10 out of 10. Thunder Gaming has already proved their skills and high-quality services over the years by being the production studio that top clients, such as the NFL has used consistently over the years. While their new branch has not opened officially, the work being put into adding more games, tournaments, and e-sports events amazes me. I feel that once this branch of the company officially opens, it is going to be an instant success and work its way up the ladder to be known as one of the best e-sports hosting companies.

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