Novomatic Review

Originally, Novomatic was founded in 1980 as a worldwide publicly traded corporation by Johann F. Graf. This company is Australian based, though they still offer their services for all players across the globe. Currently, Novomatic is prevalent in over 80 countries with an impressive amount of over 20,000 employees to help run their software as smoothly as possible. Another impressive fact is that this company is bringing in several billion Euros in revenue every fiscal year.

Despite the company’s size, it was not until recent years that they began providing casino games online for users. In their beginning, Novomatic was known for being one of the leaders in casino game software and machine manufacturing. However, since technology is becoming more prevalent, the company took noticed and begun producing popular casino games that could be enjoyed online as well.

Types of Games

Novomatic Review

Novomatic Review

Most of their online slots are based off their land-based slots – so users who are familiar with the company’s game will be pleasantly surprised that Novomatic hasn’t tried to change what rose them to prevalence in the first place. Other than a large variety of slots, Novomatic offers a few other popular casino game variants, such as video poker and table games. However, the quality for all their online casino games matches the same high-quality that you will find on their land-based casino games. I would like to mention one criticism I picked up while playing their slots. Each slot features the same monotonous sounds each time you spin, and after a while, it becomes repetitive. While this problem was minor, it did not affect the overall quality and positive experience I’ve had while playing and using their slots.

Live Dealers

Currently, Novomatic does not offer live dealers for their provided table games. Personally, I do not see the company adding this feature in the future either – they seem to mainly specialise in slot variations, and I doubt that they will make the attempt to expand their table game options. Even without the table game live dealers, the games themselves were still enjoyable. The lack of the live dealer can benefit novice players who rather test their skills against a computer before using a live dealer, and for users who prefer playing table games in pure solitude that can be easily received using this company’s services from the privacy of your home.

Mobile Content

Similar to other casino software providers, Novomatic has transferred some of its popular slots games to be accessible through mobile devices. To achieve a flawless transition that sacrifices none of the quality or functionality, the company uses HTML5, so the only difference the player will notice is the size of the screen. Since Novomatic speciality designed their slots to be optimised for an array of mobile devices: iPhone, IPad, Android phones, Android tablets, and Windows phones – players can easily enjoy a quick game of slots while just using the tip of their fingers. Users should note that they can play Novomatic slots on an array of other casino apps as well, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Favourite Games

Due to the high number of slots that Novomatic offers, it was easy for me to play through them and choose a two of my favourite games. I would be amiss if I did not mention that none of their slot games were lacking in quality! While the in-game reeling sound may have been a tad bit annoying, the slots ran smoothly and gave me no issue!

African Simba: This slot game features five reels, three rows, and up to 243 ways to win! Which means all users will have a fair chance to at least win something, even if it is not the jackpot amount. Personally, I enjoyed the simple layout of the game – it wasn’t too flashy, and the candid artwork of the African animals was nicely done! The slot also features a few user benefits, such as free spins and a gamble feature that can potentially increase your winnings.

Beetle Mania Deluxe: Other than the superb graphics, this slot features five reels and ten pay lines. However, I should mention that this slot has a higher number of low-value symbols, so the chances of a user coming out with a higher payout is slim. The best user benefit that this slot offers are the free spins which can we won multiple times as you play on this slot.

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Overall, I will have to give Novomatic a 7 out of 10. While their services are superb, and the casino games offered are of a high quality. The annoying sound of the reels spinning featured in almost all slots they offer can manifest as an annoyance that will make you want to turn off the music. I found the themes of their slots to be lacking in creativity, and while they do provide a clean and classic look which Novomatic is known for, I did become a bit tired by the lack of slot personality.


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Novomatic Review
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