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Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming Review

Founded in 2013, Extreme Live Gaming is one of the newer live casino software providers to be introduced in the online casino world. Despite only being around for a few years, this company has made a name for itself due to their high-quality services and their state-of-the-art live casino variants.

However, one of the company’s major successes stems from the striking and incredible deal with NYX Gaming Group and being added to their Open Gaming System (OGS) platform. This move has given Extreme Live Gaming a broader platform. This company core focus is to provide each user with a truly authentic live casino pence that can be compared to being present at a land-based casino while also working towards the company’s goal of being regarded as one of the best live casino software providers globally.

Types of Games

Extreme Live Gaming Review

Extreme Live Gaming Review

Currently, Extreme Live Gaming only offers a total of three live casino games and variants: roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. While at first glance this may seem like a small selection, it is vital to note that this company offers a multitude of variations for each game, along with specialised tables for foreign native speakers. Another game that this company offers is the Live Box, a feature that allows players to make bets in a prestigious casino while watching a live stream of the casino game. Moreover, each live casino game is broadcasted using some of the best camera quality option around, which allows for the user to experience every feature of the game, and the live dealers, in crystal clear quality without any functionality issues.

Live Dealers

Since this company specialises in live casino games, they also specialise in providing live dealers who are all attractive, skilled, and extremely friendly. One of the interesting features about the live dealers is that Extreme Live Gaming tracks the users IP address so they can accurately provide a live dealer that speaks the native language, which in turn will allow the user to feel more comfortable and welcomed with each game. Furthermore, it’s not like these live dealers are just hired and then allowed to host the live casino tables. They all must go through a rigorous training simulation paired with hands-on table game experience, speaking in front of the cameras, finding their best angles, all while going through their personalised training academy to constantly improve their skills. So, users will only be playing with experienced live dealers who proved that they are professionals at what they do.

Mobile Content

Extreme Live Gaming services can be accessed through a personal mobile device. Since this company strives to use only the updated and most advanced technology, the transition from desktop to mobile is flawless and shows no difference except for the size of the screen used. However, the company’s software is only accessible through your mobile devices internet browser. Extreme Live Gaming took this into consideration and uses HTML5 to assure all users that no matter which mobile device they are using, Extreme Live Gaming services will be perfectly optimised to fit your device. Currently, users can access the live casino features on iPhone, IPad, Android phones and Android tablets.

Favorite Games

While Extreme Live Gaming does not have the largest variety of live casino games to play, it didn’t ease the challenge of finding one that I could say was my personal favourite. However, when I came across the Club Roulette variant, I instantly developed a liking for the game. With this live casino game, I was able to choose an avatar while engaging with other players, along with the live dealer, while placing my bets. The relaxed social environment reminded me of being in a live land-based casino while not sacrificing or downplaying the actual game of roulette either. Plus, having a live dealer who was equally engaged with each player was equally as fantastic. As I kept interacting with this roulette game, I realised that users could also eventually upgrade to a more exclusive club that featured exclusive rewards and other features. I recommend this live casino game if you are a player that enjoys the relaxed roulette atmosphere that still has the friendly competitive nature.

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Extreme Live Gaming Review: Conclusion

Overall, I will have to give this software provider an 8 out of 10. While their services are superb, and the live dealers are skilled, attractive, and extremely welcoming, I found the lack of games a bit of a setback as the only live casino game that featured other variants was Roulette. Which means that users who enjoy blackjack and baccarat can only play the classic versions, and for some, that can become somewhat repetitive.


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Extreme Live Gaming Review
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