SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking

SOFORT is based in Germany and first launched in 2005 under the name Payment Network. The company enjoyed tremendous growth as online shoppers discovered its value, and casino players discovered its conditions to be fair and offering high industry standards. Joining forces with Deutsche Handelsbank enables SOFORT to offers a comprehensive portfolio of products perfectly designed to cater for the e-commerce industry.  The company now works together with thousands of merchants and online casinos to offer the best alternative payment solutions in Switzerland, UK, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Germany.

Why SOFORT is Recommended

SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking by Casinovator

SOFORT enables online players to make payments into casino account the easy way, with the procedure being direct and fast. By using SOFORT Banking, funding your online account has never been this secure and convenient and due to transaction confirmation players have access to funds immediately. The service can be used at 35,000 merchants online, processes over two million transactions on a monthly basis and currently employs over 150 people.

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SOFORT Security

It is one of the most secure online payment methods and with SOFORT players are guaranteed of the safest online banking option. The payments system is certified safe by Trusteer’s Online Banking & Security Solutions. TUV Saarland approves SOFORT Banking to provide complete data protection, and the Security Management System as well as the Payment System are also approved and certified by TUV Saarland. All transactions are NORTON secured.

Creating An SOFORT Account

SOFORT Banking offers several transaction currencies including Polish Zloty, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc and Euro and to register a form needs to be completed online. Details required include name, full address, email, and other contact numbers, while registration is free. Validation of new account is done via email.

SOFORT Banking Fees

SOFORT registration is free, and transaction fees charged per completed transaction is 0.9% plus $0.25, there is no basic monthly fee charged although a once off installation fee of $39.90 is charged.

Benefits Using SOFORT Banking

SOFORT provides easy payment options, and online players can make fast, secure payments without the need to register for an additional e-wallet. All transfers are direct, and the advance payment offered by SOFORT ensures that funds are available immediately. With multi-level authentication process, this is one of the most secure options, and an additional layer of safety is added via the one-time validity code send via mobile.

Several online casinos accept SOFORT and player funds can be used immediately after the payment confirmation is received. Fund transferring is available 24 hours a day, and several demo videos, as well as the FAQ, offer new members all the information they could require. SOFORT can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook and can be contacted via telephone.

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SOFORT Banking
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SOFORT Banking
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