Responsible Gambling Per Territory


Responsible Gambling Per Territory

Research into problem gambling globally by has identified that there is a large need to determine the gambling trends in regulating gambling prevalence rates. The study reviewed the most recent behavior by adults who gamble with its aim to provide a more detailed analysis by using academic databases, official websites, and the Internet. Problematic gambling differs vastly in different countries although findings show that internationally it could be 0.12 up to 5.5%.

The studies also identified that the monitoring of problem gambling prevalence rates is needed to examine cultural gambling patterns as well as effective policies to prevent problems in advance. Several organizations focus on prevention and include www. in the United Kingdom, in Germany, in Norway and in Sweden.

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Responsible Gambling Per Territory

GamCare is based in the United Kingdom and provides free counseling and support to online players. They assist in both the prevention and treatment of gambling problems and provides its services confidentiality, with assistance being in a non-judgmental environment.

Players can access both face-to-face as well as online counseling, and the national gambling helpline offers free advice from 8 am until midnight. GamCare also provides moderated chat rooms that allow players to communicate via live chats with others who have been affected by problem gambling.  GamCare identified that the most common result of problematic gambling is debt and that most gamblers used debt as a motivation to continue gambling.

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Anonyme Spieler Gamblers Anonymous

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Anonyme Spieler is also an anonymous service, which is based in Germany. It’s available to those who experience gambling problems. The organization consists of men and women who share their strengths and experiences with others in hopes to solve a common gambling problem. Its primary goal is to prevent playing while assistance is offered to players who are addicted to gambling. Anomyme Spieler is not affiliated with any other institution, organization or political party and assists people according to its successful twelve-step program. Membership is accessible to any player who has a sincere desire to stop playing and is free at this time.


Responsible Gambling Per Territory 3 is a Norwegian organization that assists players who have identified themselves to gamble too much, have a gambling addiction, or who have believed the amount they gamble is a problem. Some of the first questions asked to determine the problem levels of those using this service include if players have lied about how much they are spending of felt the need to stake more than they can afford with hopes of winning back losses. The anonymous helpline offers advice and assists player in handling their current situation. Apart from providing information about several treatment options, players can also obtain financial guidance.

Spellberoendes Stodgrupp Halmstad is a Swedish organization that that offers independent assistance to players who identified that their behavior regarding gambling is out of control. All calls are treated with complete anonymity, and player details or problems are never discussed with close family members or anyone else for that matter. Anyone who is serious about changing their behavior is welcomed and has access to advice from other players who have experienced the same situation as well as expert advice.

Overcoming Problem Gambling

Players serious about changing their behavior can get more information or practical assistance from several organizations via telephone or online. Advisors offer support, as well as counseling services and players, also get to discuss their current situation with other players who have experienced the same difficulty. The first step is to acknowledge the problem and calling trained advisors offer complete confidential assistance while no judgment is part of fellowship support provided by online organizations. The main question that every player should ask himself or herself: “Is online gambling preventing them of the life they would like to live?”


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Responsible Gambling Per Territory
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Responsible Gambling Per Territory
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