Three Musketeers Slot Review | Red Tiger Gaming Popular Slot

Three Musketeers Slot Review | Red Tiger Gaming Popular Slot

Three Musketeers is an online video slot that is based on the popular historical novel of the three French men who team up together to solve missions given to them by the local state and government. The charm stems from how each Musketeer has their own distinct personality which comes in handy in one way or another, which can also be seen in this video slot. Developed by Red Tiger Gaming, this slot is filled with classic European charm as well as being laced with an array of helpful bonuses that will generate additional wins while also enhancing other wins. Players could win the lavish 2000 coin jackpot if luck is on their side, and if the Musketeers deems them worthy of receiving their expert skills. Between the colourful symbols, animations, and mini-games that are hosted by the Musketeers, this slot as includes three wild symbols, three bonus symbols, as well as three bonus games to match.

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Theme and Symbols

The theme of Three Musketeers is taken off of the classic novel which has been turned into an array of spin-off novels and movies in the recent years. It tells of the adventures of three of the most famed Musketeers who are sent on missions for the state where they meet a colourful cast of characters while saving the day. Hints of the theme can be seen in the backdrop of the slot as it shows a view of a field leading up to the kingdom where the Musketeers are based. The visuals also match as the soundtrack, as it is playing a cheery and passion filled tune. The symbols blends into the theme perfectly as they are all what would be associated with the Three Musketeers themselves: honour, style, and adventurous lives. The highest valued symbols take the form of three different coat of arms, which are followed by one of the Musketeers feathered hat and a cup of a foamy pub drink. While the lower valued symbols take the form of playing card symbols, their appearance and colouring add to the theme.

Special Features

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by the coat of arms which features a cross on it. Although the Three Musketeers can create additional wild symbols to appear on the board that matches their own colour scheme. The red wild is claimed by Porthos, the blue is Aramis, and the green wild is for Athos.

Bar Bonus

The bar bonus is triggered when you collect enough Porthos symbols to fill up his meter. It will trigger a mini-game where you are controlling this Musketeer and can lead him into three directions, one leads to the big win of 1000 coins, while the other two will lead him in lesser, yet still generous, coin wins.

Wheel Bonus

When enough Aramis symbols are collected to fill up his meter, the wheel bonus feature will be triggered. It is a simple bonus game where you will spin the reel in hopes of achieving a multiplier win as well as another re-spin.

Offer Bonus

The offer bonus is activated when the Athos meter is completely filled. He will offer a random amount of coins, and you will be given the decision to either accept the offer or decline it in hopes that he will show you an even more lavish one.

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Our Take on Three Musketeers

Three Musketeers is an exciting addition to the Red Tiger Gaming library. The concept is not commonly seen, and the vibrant and charming approach that is taking can attract an array of players. Moreover, the lower wagering amount can put some players at ease as they can still win big despite not betting too much of their funding. While this slot was filled with an array of interesting features that enhanced the wins, it was nicely incorporated to make every feature related to all three of the Musketeers. Although, the specialised bonuses where the most beneficial as they included additional multipliers that were not seen in the base game. Plus, triggering these specialised bonuses were just as fun as it prompted the player to keep playing to fill up the meter needed. Overall, this was an enjoyable play with wins that were lavish at every spin.

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