Dragon’s Luck Slot Review

Dragon’s Luck Slot Review

Dragons Luck is an Asian themed online video slot created by Red Tiger Gaming. While the dragon holds a special meaning in a variety of East Asian regions and cultures, many believe that spotting a wild dragon will bring luck to whoever sees it along with immunity to other negative impacts. In the detailed Dragons Luck, the gal is to spot the dragon and reap the benefits from seeing it, such as winning the lavish 1,380 coin jackpot. Dragons Luck has five reels and ten pay lines. Additionally, the slot features Mega Coin, Dragon Coin, fire-breathing dragon feature, and the chance to win up to 1380x your bet. Dragons Luck can be enjoyed on a variety of platforms ranging from desktop to mobile devices.

Play Dragons Luck slot for free or real money, enjoy!

Theme and Symbols

The theme of Dragons Luck is based on the popular East Asian belief that a dragon brings luck and positivity rather than negative thoughts and effects. This slot heavily plays on that as many of the bonuses are represented by different features that are associated with dragons. Dragons Luck has a vibrant and unique appearance as the graphics presented take on a more cartoon-like appearance which gives it a lighthearted feel. The seamless graphics and the atmospheric soundtrack is what truly ties the theme together. The background is located in the middle of a forest that is filled with an assortment of stunning plants and a tranquil vibe.

The reels are located in a colourful border that takes the appearance of a traditional temple with dragons on the pillars. Each symbol matches the theme and adds to the aesthetic – even the suit symbols that take on an East Asian letting style. The symbol that is most valued is the gold coin that features 138 in the centre as it can trigger the largest win in Dragons Luck, 1,380x the bet. Other symbols, such as the East Asian doll and the koi are others that are nice to see line up on the reels.

Special Features

There are multiple special features in Dragons Luck and each feature incorporated will enhance the base game while increasing the chance of receiving wins even easier. One key thing to keep in mind is that Dragons Luck does lack the traditional wild and scatter symbol often seen in modern video slots.

Mega Coin

The mega coin is the large dragon encased by a rich golden border. When it appears on the reels, it will guarantee the creation of a winning payline. It can be seen partially or fully on the reels.

Dragon Coin

The golden dragon is one symbol not to miss. It will automatically begin to spin, and as it comes to a stop, it will reveal a secret symbol, which in most cases will be a highly valued symbol. This appears frequently and can be rather generous.

Win 1380x

This feature is represented by a gold and blue symbol that features ‘138’ in the centre, It will award a maximum of 1380x of the triggering bet.


When the dragon appears, it will breathe fire to increase the chance of achieving wins.

Dragons Luck Bonuses

Unfortunately, Dragons Luck does not feature any bonuses, at least not in the traditional sense such as free spins. The main bonuses, if you prefer to call them such appear in the base game and they more than make up for the lack of other bonuses.

Our Take on Dragons Luck

Dragons Luck is a well-designed video slot by Red Tiger Gaming. The concept is simple, yet the overall look and appearance of the slots impressive and stand out from its competition. The only major downside featured in this slot was the lack of having a wild symbol or even a scatter symbol. While it did not affect the gameplay – getting used to the absence of it could be challenging. Although, the amount of other special features, especially the mega coin easily made up for the fact and created additional chances to enhance the game for the players benefit.

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