Deal or No Deal Blackjack Slot Review

Deal or No Deal Blackjack Slot Review

Deal or No Deal Blackjack is an online table game that is based on the popular table game of the same name. While blackjack can be played in all sorts of different variants, or with a live dealer at other casinos, Red Tiger Gaming combines both of those aspects in the creation of their version of blackjack. The layout is classic, and the rules are easy to understand – as long as you have a solid grasp of how blackjack works. While this game does differently than most of the gaming library that Red Tiger Gaming has, which is mainly composed of video slots, this is a nice change and can appeal to players who wanted a change as well. It includes a chip range from 1 through 5k, which is perfect for players who consider themselves to be low risk or even high rollers. Regarding the “live dealer” feeling – this table game includes a virtual dealer that will prompt you to place your wagers as well as provide on-screen warnings, offerings, and other vital information needed.

Theme and Symbols

While Deal or No Deal Blackjack does not have a specific theme, it does have a suave and timeless appearance that any player can enjoy. It shows half of the red and black playing table where the cards are displayed in an easy to understand layout. Also, on screen are the options needed for the gameplay, such as the different variety of betting chips, the choice to select a new bet, to rebet, to have a new rebet plus a new deal, or add an x2 multiplier to a deal. There are also the options to add insurance, bet warnings, the book says feature, and show offerings – which can be turned off or on per the player’s personal preference.

Special Features

While there are no special features included in Deal or No Deal Blackjack since it is a table game. However, there are a few options that players can choose to help modify the game for their personal preference.

Game Modifiers

While not every person who plays blackjack is a pro at the game, there are options in the slot which will allow players to get additional tips on how to play or even whether to hit or stand after receiving an offer. While the modifiers may not be convenient for everyone, new players can befit from them. An added plus is that these modifiers are displayed in such a way that it is not overly obnoxious nor covers the entire playing table.

Our Take on Deal or No Deal Blackjack

Deal or No Deal Blackjack is an interesting game for Red Tiger Gaming as the prover mainly focus on video slots than table games. Despite this, Deal or No Deal Blackjack was a well-designed table game that incorporated the live dealer feature as well as a simplistic gaming experience, so you can have the best of both worlds. The in-game voice that reminded you to place bets was far from annoying. While this game did lack special features, it was nice to allow players the chance to get some on-screen help while they played, especially for newer players who are preparing to take on a live dealer at some point. Another perk of this table game was the variety in betting ranges as low stakes and high rollers could both enjoy playing in their comfort zones. This slot would be perfect for anyone who enjoys blackjack in a simplistic and classic format.

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