Poli Internet Banking

Poli Internet Banking

POLi is one of the most used online payment solutions that allows online players the most secure, fastest and easiest ways to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. POLi is part of Merco Limited and was established in 2009. As a company, it focuses on offering the best alternative payment options and is dedicated to offering the lowest cost while it combines banking, technology, and fast payment processing.

Why POLi is Recommended

Poli Internet Banking

Poli Internet Banking

POLi offers the easiest banking process and makes online shopping or money transfers possible within the comfort of your home. Since the company has earned the respect of thousands of merchants and customer alike it has enjoyed tremendous growth, more and more retailers, as well as online players, are now preferring POLi since it offers a wide variety of options and is accepted at most online casinos.

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POLi Security

POLi is focused on offering users the best possible security and never captures sensitive information such as users passwords or user login details. The company is regularly reviewed by Secure Assessments to guarantee that it meets the highest level of modern security standards. POLi services are offered via POLi Payments Limited owned by the Australian Post, and its services are distributed via Merco Limited in New Zealand. POLi is an accredited alternative payment option provider certified by both VeriSign and Comodo.

Creating A POLi Account

There is no need to register a POLi account and users need to only select POLi at online casinos or other merchants followed by instructions displayed onsite.  POLi caters specifically for New Zealand, and Australian citizens and banks supported include ANZ, ASB, and KIWI Bank, while a broad range of Australian banks such as Westpac, Suncorp, and Bank SA can be used. A wide selection of merchants accepts POLi, and online players can deposit by using this method as all online casino displaying the POLi sign.

POLi Fees

POLi charges users no fee although players who decide to use POLi could be charged a fee for electronic cash costs via their banks. The procedure to use POLi include selecting a casino that offers this payment method, login into your bank account, POLI then populates the payment details, players are required to confirm payment and funds are immediately available.

Benefits Using POLi Internet Banking

There are several benefits part of using POLi for New Zealand, and Australian citizens, which includes no registration, no high user fees, users can easily avoid expensive charges by not using credit cards, and instant receipts are available for all deposits and purchases. Most users feel that using POLi also offers value in that services are delivered much faster while using POLi provide increased security since no personal banking details need to be shared with online casinos or other institutions. One of the latest services includes that POLi is now available in Shopify stores and the number of online casinos accepting POLi payments are increasing daily.

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Poli Internet Banking
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Poli Internet Banking
Poli Internet Banking - Offering users the best possible security and never captures sensitive information such as users, passwords or user login details. 

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