Online Casino Courier Cheques

Online Casino Courier Cheques

A courier cheque is a safe way to send important documents or cash to any destination in the world, which also includes online casinos. Courier cheques can be used for both depositing and withdrawing at online casinos that offer this option as part of their accepted banking methods. Courier Cheque is not as popular as several other options available to online players since it does not provide immediate funds and the process could be quite expensive due to postage and insurance costs.

Why Courier Cheque is Recommended

Courier Cheque By Casinovator

Courier cheques are the best option for players who are not familiar with other banking options or simply prefer not to deal with online banking methods. Courier companies now offer several tracking services and users can keep an eye on their courier cheque destination 24/7.

Online Casino Courier Cheque Security

Sending a Courier Cheque are quite secure since the cheque would be made out to the receiver and what makes this a safe and secure option is that it the cheque is delivered directly and a signature is required upon delivery.

Creating A Courier Cheque Account

Courier cheques do not require users to open a separate account, and anyone can request their bank to issue a courier cheque provided there are sufficient funds in their personal account. Prior to requesting that a cheque is sent via courier, it is important to ensure that the casino has your correct address on file. This information can be verified by reviewing your personal profile to ensure all details are correct.

Courier Cheque Fees

Several online casinos have set limits relating to the minimum and maximum amounts that will be processed using this method. The amounts differ from one casino to the next, but will generally require the minimum amount be $500, and often will set the maximum not to exceed $20,000. Bear in mind, most casinos will charge a fee that ranges from $25-$50 to cover the cost of using a courier service.

Benefits Using an Online Casino Courier Cheque

Online casinos that accept Courier Cheques, generally display withdrawal could take up to 28 days to be received by online players. The costs involved with Courier Cheques could be quite high since the bank charges a fee to issue a courier cheque and courier companies fees for the service as well as insurance. By providing the bank with the correct details, a courier cheque is safe and should it get lost the cheque can be stopped or canceled although this again comes with a fee.

The benefits of not having to register and e-wallet accounts is plus for many players as it eliminates the need to additional information being shared with a third party processor. Several secure parcel delivery services now offer fast deliveries that will see delivery inside of several days. The most important thing to verify, if this is your preferred method is that the casino you are registering with offers payment by cheque, and subsequently, the ability to request payment by courier cheque and that courier is an available option.

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Online Casino Courier Cheques
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Online Casino Courier Cheques
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