Wild Run Slot Review

Wild Run Slot Review

Wild Run Slot Review

Wild Run is an online casino video slot that is filled with the wild and intimidating creatures in Africa. This slot main appeal is derived from its visual appearance and atmospheric soundtrack. Though, players do have the option to choose whether they would prefer to play a game that is either filled with more wild symbols or free games. Wild Run was developed by NextGen Gaming and features five reels along with 243 ways to win. In addition, this slot features wild symbols, the on-the-roll feature, free games, multipliers, and rolling reels.

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Theme and Symbols

Wild Run Slot Review

Wild Run Slot Review

The Wild Run is based around Africa and the stunning creatures found there. During a safari, the player must arrange a select group of symbols in one of the 243 ways to win to score cash prizes. The best part to this is the chance to see these fantastic beasts up close and personal without worry of getting attacked. This slot features a stunning backdrop of the African sunrise while two giraffes, a mother and its child are feeding on a nearby tree, and at the same time, an elephant is casually trekking through the warm area. Other than the appeal of the background and other visuals, this slot features a fitting soundtrack that sets the mood, smooth animations that are easy to follow, along with realistic and creative graphics that are simply just eye-catching.

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The reels are encased in a golden barrier that features interesting tribal design. Though on the bottom of the reel is a moving text box that gives the player additional hints and reminders about the slot. The symbols perfectly match the theme of the slot and add into the overall aesthetic of Wild Run. A few key symbols that players should be aware of are the king on the jungle himself, the passionate and dangerous lion, the provoking rhino, the calculating and quick cheetah, along with the intelligent and simple elephant.

Special Features

Wild Run does incorporate special features that will aid in the player generating more wins during their session. These features can be randomly activated during a spin.

Wild Symbols
The wild symbol is the lion. Five of the lions will award a well-deserved cash reward. This symbol can replace all other symbols present on the reels.

This feature has two levels, along with increased wild multipliers and a higher frequency of wilds. At the beginning of this feature, a wild symbol is added, and will only appear on the first and fifth reels and will give a x2 multiplier when substituting a win during the first level. In the second level, the wild wilds will only appear on the first, second, fourth, and fifth reels and will add in a multiplier of x3 while substituting for a win. This feature will continue until a non-winning spin happens during the first level.

Wild Run Bonuses
Wild Run does feature a bonus game that can aid in generating more wins that are of a valued higher. This includes free spins that include a multiplier.

Free Games
If there is a win during the second level of the On-A-Roll feature, the free game bonus will be activated. Wild symbols can still appear during the free games, with a total of five wild symbols being added to the start of the free games bonus. Any win that features a wild will automatically be multiplied by x5. This bonus will continue until there are four non-winning spins in succession.

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Wild Run Slot Review: Our Take

Wild Run is another one of the visually appealing online casino slots developed by NextGen Gaming. The aesthetical effects of the atmospheric soundtrack, the stunning graphics, and the smooth animations just tie this slot together. Additionally, the special features were a nice touch and can easily give the player additional opportunities to generate more wins for themselves. In particular, the On-The-Roll feature is perfect as it allows players to multiply their total wins in a virtually unlimited way. Though, Wild Run did feature one shortcoming – the lack of having multiple bonuses. While many other videos lots will at least feature two, this one only has one. However, if considering how the bonus feature is easily activated during the On-The-Roll feature and that it has a generous offer of a x5 multiplier, it can be easily overlooked that this slot is lacking in that department.


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Wild Run Slot Review
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Wild Run Slot Review
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