Theatre of Night Slot Review

Theatre of Night Slot Review

Theatre of Night Slot Review

Theatre of Night is an online casino video slot that takes place in an enchanted forest that is filled with an array of undiscovered riches and fortunes that no human has found before. While the trees overhead are stunning and filled with their own mysterious and the forest floor is where all the true magic is going to come to light. In a stunning design that’s filled with mystical forest creatures and twinkling moonlight that brings that childhood memory of a forest fairy tale to life in the version of a video slot. Developed by NextGen Gaming, Theatre of Night has five reels and ten mystical pay lines. Moreover, this slot incorporated additional features to make it more enjoyable for the players, such as wild symbols, the Firefly Re-Spin, win both ways, and multipliers. This slot can be played on both a traditional computer along with being optimised for mobile devices.

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Theme and Symbols

Theatre of Night Slot Review

Theatre of Night Slot Review

The theme of this slot can make any slot enthusiast reminiscence of their childhood. The concept is based around a mystical forest that is filled with unique mystical creatures and magic. As the payer is traversing through the forest, they find these creatures dancing in a certain way over a few symbols to create one of the ten winning pay lines. While it may look difficult at first, they urge the player to try to recreate it themselves in hopes to win one of the generous cash prizes. This slot is filled with a peaceful and magical tune that sets the mood, smooth animations that are always seamless, and stunning graphics that are both vibrant and eye-catching.

The reels are completely clear, and the player can view the landscape of the animated moonlight lit forest in the background. The symbols featured matches the theme with ease and add to the overall visual effect of the fairytale magic forest. While all the symbols featured in Theatre of Night are valuable, the main ones to look forward to include a hummingbird that can be found suckling on one of the radiating blue flowers and a green butterfly that looks too delicate to be real. There is also a vibrant purple and blue flower that cannot be picked, and four symbols that are reminiscent of the four suits: diamond, spade, club, and heart.

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Special Features

Theatre of Night incorporated an array of special features. This includes a wild symbol, multiplier, respins and more. All are in place to help increase your chances of hitting the big wins.

Wild Symbol
The wild symbol is represented by the enchanted frame of flowers and greenery that features the word ‘wild’ on it. It is the highest valued symbol and having five of them present on the reels during a spin will lead to the player receiving a generous win. The wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols that are present on the reels, and it only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels during the base game. Though it appears on all of the reels during the Firefly re-spins game only.

This game incudes multipliers that can help the player receive up to 300x of their original stake – which can become 600x when using the win both ways feature.

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Theatre of Night Bonuses
Although Theatre of Night only has one bonus game, it can easily generate higher valued wins for the player, along with giving them the opportunity to score that prizes 600x jackpot that will be automatically added to their stake.

Firefly Re-Spin
This bonus is activated when a wild symbol appears on the second, third and fourth reels. It will trigger six free spins that will change the third reel into stacked wilds, and selected symbols will also become wild symbols as well. The firefly re-spins cannot be retriggered during the bonus game.

Theatre of Night Slot Review: Our Take

Theatre of Night is a well-executed online casino video slot that can easily bring back childhood memories and combine them with the enjoyment of video slots. The overall theme is enjoyable, and the additions, such as the animations, music, and graphics all add to the appeal and visual appearance of the slot. The most enjoyable feature was the Firefly Re-Spin bonus due to its ability to generate a higher value wins along with giving players the chance to win the prized bonus of 600x multiplier. Though, it is a bit disappointing that this is the only available bonus feature in the game. The main idea of this slot is the more money you bet, the more you will win – which is perfect for high rollers but can put a damper on other players.


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Theatre of Night Slot Review
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