Neteller Card – Transferring Funds in a Most Secure Environment


Neteller was founded in 1999 and is part of Paysafe Financial Services Limited, a company that provides online players with an alternative method for transferring funds in a most secure environment online. For well over a decade, Neteller has been trusted by account holders as well as merchants to offer secure financial services to customers across 200 countries. Authorized by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, Neteller maintains the highest industry standards as well as industry leading security measures such as anti-money laundering protocols to ensure protection against fraud and identity theft.

Why NETELLER E-Wallet is Recommended

Neteller is online stored values account that offers services to 200 countries, and millions of consumers use it to gain access to one of the safest online methods when it comes to funding casino accounts or withdrawing winnings.

Neteller Card

Neteller Card

Using credit cards or debit card to fund your Neteller account offer immediately available funds. Up to 5 different banks debit and credit cards can be stored in a single Neteller account and withdrawals to a mobile wallet is a new service that offers instant transactions.

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Neteller is the most trusted online payment option globally, and its security features, as well as anti-fraud tools as well as 24/7 services, have earned it an excellent reputation. An added security measure is the two-step authentication system that requires account holders to enter a password send to the user’s registered mobile phone together with the registered email and password in order to transfer funds.

Security tips offered to users include that an account holder should always sign out of their Neteller accounts, avoid using commercial computers to do transfers and to make sure that personal computers are protected via firewalls and antivirus software.

For security reasons, member account ID’s consists of a twelve-digit number starting with 45, this security code can never be changed, and a six digit secure ID is also assigned to Neteller account holders. Account holders can create passwords.

Creating A NETELLER Account

Opening a Neteller account is fast and easy and would require an email address as well as a password. Account authentication is done via a link emailed to newly registered account holders, and up to five different banks, debit and credit cards can be connected during the registration period or at any time.


An administration fee up to $40 can be charged should a balance be retained in an account over 14 months without the account being accessed and used. A transaction that involves currency exchanges is subject to a charge of 3,99% to non-VIP account holders.

Benefits Using NETELLER Card

Neteller provides online casino players with instant payment options to thousands of casino and other sites. The high standard of security measures in place offers Neteller users complete privacy and safety while its VIP program offers a great variety of promotions and cash rewards via reward points earned during account transactions for moving money.

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Neteller Card
Article Name
Neteller Card
Neteller Card offers services to 200 countries, and millions of consumers use it to gain access to one of the safest online methods.

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