SuperCasino Roulette Review

SuperCasino Roulette Review

SuperCasino Roulette Review

Roulette is known worldwide as one of the most well-known casino games in history. Players from across the globe eagerly gathered around the roulette wheel, patiently and excitedly waiting to see if they made the correct guess and won the round. Nowadays, thanks to popular demand, roulette can be played online instead of going to an actual land-based casino. However, some casinos, such as SuperCasino developed their roulette to be shown on television before being accessible online. Thus, causing their live roulette to have a unique flair of having a more game show related atmosphere than a traditional land-based casino atmosphere.

SuperCasino Roulette Review

SuperCasino Roulette Review

However, playing on SuperCasino live roulette option may be different than other online casinos due to the company having a strict time schedule where they allowed roulette to be played on television and via the internet. Though, players should rejoice sine their live roulette games can be played using an internet browser instead of downloading any unnecessary files.

Types of Games

At this time, SuperCasino only offers one live roulette variant: Classic Roulette. However, the company does offer four more roulette variants. However, they are not live and only can be played when it is “on air” or when the game is on auto wheel. Players should know that free play is available for the live roulette option – but they must be actively logged on or signed up on the site to access it. Moreover, players can access this live roulette option by using their televisions, smartphones, tablets, or their traditional desktops. Though, there is a 60-second wait between each spin, meaning that players will have the opportunity to quickly think of a strategy to use to increase their odds of winning the next round. Furthermore, players should remember the minimum bet is €1, and the maximum bet is €10,000. Lastly, there is less interaction between the player and the presenter (live dealer) due to the lack of having a dealer’s chat. Need help? Check out our Roulette tips here.

Listed below is more information regarding their classic roulette live roulette and its personal features.

Classic Roulette

This roulette variant is unique as it is presented as a television game show rather than a roulette table stationed in a land-based casino. Plus, the live dealer is referred to as the presenter, and there is less interaction with the presenter, and other players, due to the lack of having a dealer’s chat. Players can only play this roulette variant during scheduled air times via television or during the set schedule times where it is hosted on the SuperCasino website. Players should note that the house edge for this live roulette game is 2.7% per every round.

Live Dealer Game Review

The live roulette game offered was not very exceptional. For starters, the video stream itself was not clear, smooth, and featured occasional lagging that interrupted the gameplay on a few occasions. Furthermore, the setup of the classic live roulette was extremely scattered, and the player’s attention had to be drawn to an array of areas on the screen instead of the roulette wheel. However, I did enjoy the professionalism of the live dealers during the games. I also enjoyed the 60 seconds players were given in between spins along with the on-screen showing of the most recently drawn numbers, which when combined, could help players think of a better strategy to help them increase their chances of winning. Though, the game is more suited to be viewed and played on television instead of on an internet browser.

4 Brands That Use the Live Dealer Games

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SuperCasino has a history of providing some of the best United Kingdom based casino content on live television, and the company does have an expansive gaming library that features engaging slots, progressive jackpots, and other popular casino table games such as blackjack. The company also gits its users generous sign-up bonus and tournament opportunities to win more exciting prizes.

However, I am going to have to give SuperCasino live roulette a 5/10. The company does a good job of keeping all of the information shown on the screen, along with the players who won recently. However, while using this service on a desktop or mobile device, the audio and video quality were extremely choppy, lagged, and had moments where it froze. Furthermore, it felt like a one-sided gameshow more than a game of roulette due to the lack of interaction the players had between themselves and the presenter. Lastly, the schedule which players can access the live roulette option seems like it could lead to many inconveniences forming due to some players having jobs, or other daytime responsibilities, which would cause them to miss out from participating.


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SuperCasino Roulette Review
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