NetEnt Roulette Review

NetEnt Roulette Review

NetEnt – Roulette Online Live Casino review

It is an understatement to state that roulette has always been a popular casino game throughout the years. It requires an immense amount of strategy planning, quick-thinking, and problem-solving skills to have an increased opportunity to win this popular game of chance. Many online casinos have begun adding live roulette tables to their gaming library due to the increased demand for more authentic live casino games.

NetEnt, an internationally known casino game provider, added a live casino features to their services years back when live casinos were rising in popularity. Nowadays, the Sweden based company has worked countless hours to constantly improve and find innovative upgrades for their live casino games, especially their roulette games, to meet the constantly changing demands of their users.

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Types of Games (House rule, table limits, variations)

NetEnt Roulette Review

NetEnt Roulette Review

Currently, NetEnt only offers four live roulette variants: Classic Roulette, Auto Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette (which is only offered at select NetEnt studios) – all of which are accessible and optimised for mobile devices and tablets provided by Apple and Android. Each live roulette table features an attractive, sociable, and lively live dealer who interacts with all the players at the current table. Moreover, players can free play using the live roulette tables without signing up for an account. However, winnings will not be recorded and saved. Each roulette variant allows for the player to personalise the table to fit their personal preference; players can choose: the live dealer, view the game rules, and statistics for the current roulette table. An additional feature that is prevalent in all roulette variants is the constant bird’s eye view which gives players the perfect chance to watch the ball drop up close and see which number it lands on.

Listed below is a brief description of each roulette variant along with any set house rules by NetEnt.

Classic Roulette

This roulette variant follows the simplistic rules of any roulette game and allows for players to customise their game by using the detailed customisation sheet provided. Moreover, payers will be given the opportunity to chat with the live dealer and other players throughout the game, which makes it even more engaging and interactive. It is important to note that this roulette variant allows for side bets as well.

European roulette

The key difference from this roulette variant compared to others is that it features a European style wheel, also known as the single zero wheel. Players should note that when using the European style wheel, that instead of having 38 pockets, which is seen in the American style wheel, there are 37, which lowers the odds of winning by one. However, no matter the wheel, the payout will still be the same for European roulette.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Between the several live roulette variations offered by NetEnt, I would have to say that I preferred playing the classic roulette variant the most. The rules were simple, easy to understand, and allowed for experts and novices alike to enjoy that class game. Furthermore, this version allowed players the chance to free play and gave the player an allowance of €15,000 – though, the money used was not considered real money and thus meaning it could not be withdrawn. Another feature that stood out was the user-friendly interface that allowed for players to easily place and choose their bets, select different live dealers, and provided players the opportunity to use the rule book if needed. One feature that I appreciated was the bird-eye view of the wheel once the ball was dropped, the camera quality was amazingly clear and allowed for users to watch every second of the round.

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NetEnt Roulette Review: Conclusion

NetEnt is a well-known name in the online casino world due to its longstanding history of providing high-quality and functional casino games, along with their innovative live casino. The company offers its services to an array of large profile live casinos – which proves their ability to provide the best service possible for its players and its clients.

For NetEnt live roulette games, I must give the company a 10/10. Giving the player the ability to free play, even if they could not play using real money, is an incredible way to help players test out the live game before fully committing real money to play it. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface allowed for players to easily understand the game no matter what their experience is regarding live roulette. Lastly, the live dealers themselves were extremely professional and skilled at their jobs, which just added to the overall authentic casino experience that all players strive to receive.


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NetEnt Roulette Review
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