Microgaming Roulette Review

Microgaming Roulette Review

Microgaming – Roulette Review

In more recent years, roulette has risen in global popularity due to it being a casino game that requires player to have avid strategic planning skills while being able to think on their feet. The game goes by quickly, and winners are announced every round. Initially, this popular online casino game was only played in land-based casinos until the rise of online casinos. Many online casinos, such as Microgaming, incorporated roulette into their gaming library and found new innovative ways to make it more enjoyable for their all their users.

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Microgaming Roulette

Microgaming Roulette

Microgaming is a well-known name in the online gambling industry. They were founded in 1994 and since then have produced their mobile casino software in 2004. While the company does not specialise in one area in particular – all of their casino games and live casino games are high-quality, beautifully crafted, and are executed functionally so players across the globe can indulge in tier favourite pastime without issue.

Types of Games (House rule, table limits, variations)

Currently, Microgaming only offers two roulette variations: Classic Roulette and Playboy Roulette. Both of these roulette variations follow the simplistic rules of roulette, however, in the Playboy variation, the live dealer is sporting the iconic playboy bunny outfit while she is hosting the game. Microgaming live roulette tables do not feature dealer chat, thus making the game less interactive overall and does not allow players the option to free play. However, players can spectate a roulette game, but they can only participate when they are betting using real money. Despite this, the tables do offer an array of features that enhance the players overall gambling experience. These include such player customisation with the video quality, the live dealer and the new “casino view” feature, allowing the player to view their full betting history, and allowing the player 40 seconds to strategically place their bets across the board. Moreover, the live casino option, including the roulette tables, are accessible through the player’s internet browser, and that the player can avoid having to download countless programs to their computer. Furthermore, the roulette games offered at Microgaming are broadcasted in a state-of-the-art studio, which means players will receive a more professional ambling experience that can be compared to using an authentic land-based casino.

Listed below is Microgaming classic roulette rules along with any other addition information that the player should know before playing the game.

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Classic Roulette

All of the classic roulette tables offered at Microgaming comes with the player option to have the live dealer sport a Playboy bunny outfit. The games are easy to understand, and all players, no matter their skill level – are given the fair opportunity to enjoy the game. Moreover, the under interface is extremely user-friendly, easy to use, show on-screen statistics about the current round, information about the live dealer, the bet limits, and a line up of the current top players. Another interesting fact regarding Microgaming classic roulette are the multiple camera angles showing the roulette wheel along with the ball drop when it happens.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since Microgaming only features two variants of the same roulette game, I would have to say my favourite would be the Playboy variation. While it features all of the same features in the original classic roulette game: on-screen statistics, top players, betting limits, etc – the live dealer dressing as a Playboy bunny adds an interesting and unique spin to the game. I also enjoyed how lively and engaging the live dealer was, especially considering the lack of having a dealers chat.

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Microgaming – Roulette Review: Conclusion

Since its opening, Microgaming has been a prominent name in and is known globally. They offer an array of popular casino games such as slots, regular table games, and the live casino games, with each being innovative and modern. This company is also known for its progressive jackpots – which is why they were dubbed as having the highest progressive jackpot in the last few years. Overall, Microgaming offers an exceptionally extensive gaming library full of well-designed casino games that all players are sure to love. Doctor Love on Vacation Slot Review

However, I am going to have to give Microgaming live roulette a 7/10. While the game featured a user-friendly interface and is broadcast in an amazing studio – the lack of roulette variations was not impressive, and the lack of interaction between the dealer and the players made the live casino feel less lively and more robotic in a sense. A larger company such as Microgaming should have more roulette variations to avoid players becoming bored with the current selection.


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