Microgaming Poker Review

Microgaming Poker Review

Microgaming Poker Review

Poker has been around for the 1,000 years and has been found in an array of cultures spanning across multiple continents. However, the variation that most resembles our current poker rules was initially originated in 17th century France. The rules of the game were simplistic in itself – each player is dealt three cards and used bluffing as a method of winning. However, once the game reached America in the 1800’s, the usage of the 52-card deck along with each player having five cards became popularised and currently still stands as the common rules of most poker variations today.

Thanks to online casinos gaining in popularity over the last decade, poker has begun being available to play online with a professional and skilled live dealer. Microgaming, a giant in the online casino industry, incorporated poker into their live casino gaming library. Players who based locally or internationally can use these features thanks to Microgaming having an array of multi-lingual live dealers and their acceptance of using an array of different currencies.

Types of Games

Microgaming Live Poker

Microgaming Live Poker

Currently, Microgaming only offers one poker variation: Casino Hold’em Poker. This variation is mobile accessible and is optimised for devices (smartphones and tablets) powered by Apple, Android, and Windows. Despite only having one variation of poker, Microgaming features an array of tables that allow for an almost limitless number of players to join and play poker. Moreover, Microgaming broadcast their live casino hold’em in a multitude of their studios, which means that players – locally and internationally – will be able to enjoy a nice, smooth, and quick game of poker without the worry of a language barrier between the live dealer or the rejection of their currencies. This poker variation features an ante bonus that can be used by players to enhance the game and increase their total payouts. However, there are more bonuses that are accepted such as the perfect pair bonuses. Players should note that when they are playing casino hold’em that they are playing against the highly trained live dealer instead of against other players, which leads to a more engrossing and interactive gaming experience for each player involved. Plus, the dealer’s chat serves as a fun way to socialise with fellow players and the dealer. The user-interface used by Microgaming for the casino hold’em is simplistic and easy to understand. It mainly features the betting chips, cards, and three spots for the player’s bets. Furthermore, the user interface automatically will tell the player if their bonus is accepted due to the qualification of their cards. A few features that are available to the player are the ability to customise the table, choose the live dealer, or switch to multi-table viewing. Along with the option to have your live dealer dress in the traditional Playboy bunny outfit while they are hosting your live game.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since Microgaming only offers one variation of poker, I am going to have to say that casino hold’em was my favourite game to play. I enjoyed the simplicity of the user0interface and the quickness of every round. Plus, having an automatic system telling if the bonus was accepted or not based on the player’s hand, or the dealer’s hand, was a nice touch so players wouldn’t have to calculate that aspect themselves. Another helpful feature was the on-screen tab that showed the real-time in-game statistics and the history, which could help the player in the next round. Lastly, I truly liked how they offered a multi-table view which allowed players to play at a few other poker tables at a given time – which can enhance and increase their odds of ending their session with a payout.

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Microgaming Poker Review: Conclusion

Microgaming has been around for a while in the online casino world. They provide some of the interesting slots and table games for their players and their clients. Emperors Garden Slot Review Furthermore, their live studio option is extremely well done and shows the company’s innovative side due to the Playboy live dealer option, along with the additional side bets that players can take advantage of.

Overall, I am going to have to give Microgaming and the live poker a 7/10. While the game itself was simple, well-designed, and executed nicely, I couldn’t get over the lack of poker variations that this company had. They even lacked different tables that had different wagering amounts – which could make players feel extremely limited and cause them to get bored of the poker game in a shorter time span.


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Microgaming Poker Review
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