Extreme Live Gaming Roulette Review

Extreme Live Gaming Roulette Review

Extreme Live Gaming Roulete Review

Popular casino games, such as roulette, has been on a steady climb of rising in popularity over the last few decades. Many players love the thrill of playing the game of chance- while others see the casino game as one that requires skill, wits, and having a solidified strategy to win. No matter the way a player sees a game, they both share one thing in common: wanting to have games such as roulette, be available to play online using a live casino. Extreme Live Gaming, a casino software provider founded in 2013, decided to answer this request by creating their own live casino with a variation of live roulette games.

The company focuses on providing a high-quality and advanced live casino that can be used by players globally. To achieve this, the company haired an experienced group of live dealers. With their skills combined – made a successful and enjoyable live casino.

Types of Games

Extreme Live Gaming Roulete Review

Extreme Live Gaming Roulete Review

Currently, Extreme Live Gaming offers several roulette variations: Golden Ball, Reel Roulette, Club Roulette, Auto roulette, along with specialised roulette tables for Italy based players. Each one of these live roulette tables can be accessed using a desktop internet browser, an Apple or Android mobile device (smartphones, tablets). Each one of the listed roulette tables features a VIP table option, dealer chat, and no free play choices and no private table options. One innovative addition that Extreme Live Gaming has added is the X-Mode for their live casino games; this feature allows for every user to experience the most advanced and cutting-edge technology that the company has to offer combined with the experience from the live dealers.

Listed below is some information about each of the roulette variants, along with any additional rules set by Extreme Live Gaming.

Golden Ball
This live roulette variant urges players to be more competitive and strive to win while using the simplistic and well-known rules of classic roulette. To win, a player must have the highest total amount bet for at least twenty games. Or, the live dealers themselves are given the ability to award prizes to the players, such as gifting the player a percentage of their wager. Moreover, this variation comes with a generous jackpot that can be won. Golden Ball live roulette strives for players to interact between themselves and the live dealer.

Reel Roulette
Reel roulette is a unique and innovative twist on the classic roulette that features the iconic symbol-driven side bets. Each side bet is based off one of the iconic slots offered by Extreme Live Gaming sister casino, Novomatic. It serves as an interesting combination between a classic live roulette game and the most popular slots amongst players.

Club Roulette
This live roulette variant focus on having the players interact more between each other and with the live dealer by allowing players to choose an avatar while they’re using this live roulette game. Players are given the ability to engage with each other while simultaneously viewing each other bets in real time. This variant also allows players to upgrade to a more exclusive version of the club.

Auto Roulette
This live roulette variant follows the same rules used for a classic game of roulette. The only difference is that it is VIP exclusive, and each round is quick, fast, and easy. This variant is used mainly by players who are not interested in interacting with the live dealer or other players.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Out of all the offered live dealer roulette variants, I would have to say that I enjoyed Club Roulette the most. I enjoyed how it strived to have more player interaction, which gave the overall atmosphere a friendly, fun, and competitive feeling. Moreover, it serves as an incentive for players to use when a more exclusive version of it is offered that have VIP-esque benefits for the players.

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Extreme Live Gaming Roulete Review: Conclusion

While Extreme Live Gaming may be a newer company, they are already making waves in the online casino industry. This company specialises in producing the most innovative, interactive, and well-designed live casino games for players to enjoy across the globe. Moreover, the roulette variants offered were all beautifully executed and gifted the players an array of generous gifts.

Overall, I am going to have to give Extreme Live Gaming live roulette a 10/10. Their games were executed in such a flawless way that I know all players would appreciate it. Plus, the roulette games were innovative, unique, and served as great incentives to get even more players to use it. Lastly, the live dealers were extremely professional and skilled, and they just made the entire atmosphere of each game similar to one that you would find in a land-based casino.


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Extreme Live Gaming Roulette Review
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Extreme Live Gaming Roulette Review
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