Bodog88 Sic Bo Review

Bodog88 Sic Bo Review

Bodog88 Sic Bo Review

Sic Bo is a popular casino game that originated in ancient China. The rules of the game are simplistic, and the actual gameplay is extremely easy to follow. All the game requires are three dice, a table, and a sociable and professional live dealer. The goal of this game is for players to accurately guess the outcome and the total of the three dice – if guess correctly, the player wins the round. However, some variations of sic bo will let the player bet on the outcomes of all three dice, or two dice, or even a singular dice – which allows for players to have a higher chance of winning a payout.

Bodog88 is an Asian online gambling software which is operated under an exclusive license which allows Bodog88 to be accessible all throughout Asia. This company operates an online casino, sportsbook, poker rooms, mobile casinos, and a live dealer casino as well. Moreover, the company’s popularity can be shown by Bodog88 celebrating its 3 millionth registered player in 2009. Players should note that this online casino can only be accessible if you are based in Asia.

Types of Games

Bodog88 Live Sic Bo

Bodog88 Live Sic Bo Review

Bodog88 currently only has one variation of sic bo featured on their live casino: Classic Sic Bo. However, there are three different tables of the game that players can use: regular, high roller, VIP, and private. Each table features different table limits regarding wagering amounts, which will be detailed below. Players should keep in mind that these wagering amounts were converted from the traditional Asian currency used.

• Regular – $1 through $200
• High Roller – $10 through $500
• VIP – $20 through $ 800
• Private – $50 through $2000

In the Bodog88 version of sic bo, players are allotted 25-second intervals in between rounds to place their bets. It is important to mention that players can place multiple bets between the rounds as well. The dice roll begins once the betting time duration has expired. A helpful feature that Bodog88 has added within their sic bo user interface is the showing of in-game real-time statistics. These statistics include game history and results, trends, and hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers being the numbers that have appeared over the last 150 rolls multiple times, and the cold numbers as those not recently seen.

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When playing on Bodog88 live sic bo, players may notice that the setup is a bit different than what is seen in Western online casinos. For starters, the combination bets are displayed on the right-hand side of the board, while on the left-hand side of the screen the player can see their in-game balances along with the min. and max. bet limits. Players can also switch to different tables using the option provided on the left side of the screen. An additional feature is that the player can watch the pit boss walk around the live casino, who oversees double-checking the legitimacy of each bet.

Favourite Live Dealer Game

Since Bodog88 only offers one variation of sic bo, Classic Sic Bo, I am going to have to say that the classic one was my favourite variant. I enjoyed the quickness of each round, along with the professionalism of the live dealer. Moreover, the display of the game was easy to understand and displayed all the needed information in an organised way – including the real-time in-game statistics. Due to Bodog88 giving their players the ability to choose from four different tables with varying wager limits, players had more of a chance to play at a table the best suited their needs and preferences in an online casino. Lastly, having a visible pit boss checking the legitimacy of every round added to the comfort that players are not being scammed nor lied to about the results of each round.

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Bodog88 Sic Bo Review: Conclusion

While Bodog88 may not be popular in western casinos, the company has made a name for itself across Asia due to its secure and well-designed platform and its array of games features in their gaming library. However, some big names in the online casino industry, such as Microgaming, has picked up and used some of Bodog88 casino games on their platforms.

Overall, I am going to have to give Bodog88 an 8/10. Their casino provides an array of excellent services along with a function and well-designed live casino feature as well. However, I ticked off some points due to their site being harder to understand due to its weird design. Furthermore, players are not given the opportunity to browse Bodog88 game library without having to sign up for their services as well. Again, players should remember that Bodog88 is an Asian based online casino and can only be accessible if the player is based in an Asian country. Furthermore, the entire live casino main language is simplified Chinese, which makes the language barrier more prominent for foreign players trying to use the online casino or the live casino.


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Bodog88 Sic Bo Review
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