Is Skrill Safe?

Is Skrill Safe?

Since its launch in 2001, Skrill has been the most preferred choice of international players for making digital payments at online bookmakers and casinos. The company is one of the most respected world leaders in developing payment solutions for global use, including online shopping and depositing funds to online gambling sites. Skrill is a global company with its headquarters based in London with several offices throughout the US and Europe and currently its staff consists of 500 people that represent over 30 nationalities.

Why Skrill E-Wallet is Recommended

Is Skrill Safe

Is Skrill Safe by Casinovator

Skrill is the rebranded name for Moneybookers who launched its online services in 2002 and became famous for providing online players with the opportunity to transfer money via just an email address and password. Skrill became the firs FCA regulated European e-money issuer in 2002, and Investcorp Technology Partners completed the buyout of Moneybookers in 2007.

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A Skrill account offers online players access to a wide variety of poker rooms, online casinos, and leading bookmakers by allowing instant money transfers and several online casinos offer exclusive offers such as free spins and increased welcome offers to Skrill users.

Skrill Security

A Skrill e-wallet not only offers players the best way to pay but also adds several layers of protection to personal and financial information. All information transmission is encrypted via the highest standard of PCI-DSS, which ensures complete privacy since data are unreadable. Skrill was the very first e-money issuer to be authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

One of the top priorities at Skrill is account security, and by utilizing Google Authenticator, an additional security layer is available to all customers to safeguard money. The 2FA or two-factor authentication application requires all Skrill account holders to enter a security code send to their phone as well as their password and email to transfer funds.

Creating A Skrill Account

Only a few minutes is needed to create a Skrill wallet and players can combine all their payment details in one location. Currently, 40 currencies can be selected from and make payments are secure, uncomplicated and quick. Players can move winnings achieved at online casinos from their Skrill account to other bank accounts instantly.

Skrill Fees

Committed to keeping fees as low as possible, players using Skrill e-wallet to fund online casino accounts do not pay any fees. Transferring money to another Skrill account or email address costs 1.9% up to a maximum of $20.  Skrill accepts a large variety of currencies and transactions involving currency conversions would require a fee of 3.99%.

Benefits Using Skrill

Skrill offers a great variety of benefits although the most prominent include convenience, easy instant transactions, and top security. Skrill processes over 150 million transactions yearly with a cumulative value of up to $13 million, and Skrill VIP membership offers online players the opportunity to take advantage of special promotions, lower fees and support offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Is Skrill Safe?
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Is Skrill Safe?
Skrill Offers Online Players Access To A Wide variety of online casinos By Allowing Instant Money transfers.Click Here For More Information.

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