How to make friends in online gaming and what you should avoid

How to make friends in online gaming and what you should avoid


If you’re one of those people who spends a lot of time online, you’ll know you’re not alone. In fact, in the UK, the average gamer spends a cumulative average of 24 hours online during the week. And this includes across all the devices they might have; a smartphone or smartwatch, tablet, laptop or PC. Therefore, it’s easy to see how people would naturally begin to start making friends online as they play.

how to make friends in online gaming

How to make friends in online gaming

If this is something you’ve been thinking about then again, you’re not the only one. However, it is likened to online dating in that you still need to be safe, even if you’re just looking for new friendships online. After all, you do not actually know who these people are in real life, so there is no certainty that they are good people. 

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There is some good news in that there are ways of making new online friends and staying protected. As such, we’ve devised some tips to keep in mind to ensure you’re always looking after number one. 

Only use the right apps and games

Software developers are pumping out more “friendship” apps than ever before. Specifically, they’re aimed at people who just want friends and not romantic relationships. However, not all apps and games are the same. As such, some are a lot safer than others. 

So, you’re probably wondering how you filter the good from the bad? Well, consider their verification processes. For example, popular apps like Bumble require a Facebook account for verification. This is to prove you are who you say you are. Similarly, games like World of Warcraft will take you through a verification and authorisation process using your smartphone.

Essentially, it might be a pain having to verify your data but think of it as a means of protecting yourself. In fact, only use apps that make you take those additional measures to ensure only legitimate users will join. This way, you can be more confident that your new friends are genuine. 


To add, there are some apps that will only allow you to connect with people of the same gender as you. In short, these lean slightly more toward ladies who don’t want unsolicited messages from men in their inboxes, as so many have experienced.

Gamers socialise with others and this creates a community and boosts wellbeing. In fact, most gamers hold the socialisation of a game very dearly. So much so they’re noted as a top motivator for even playing the game in the first place. There is an abundance of massively multiplayer online games and these could introduce you to hundreds, if not thousands of people to interact with. So use reputable games like WoW and Runescape whilst following the rest of our tips.

Restrict the amount of personal information you divulge 

If you’re on an app with the intention of making new friends, you’ll likely be asked to write a bio. Generally, this is a summary of who you are and what you’re into so you can find likeminded individuals. Now, here, it’s advised that you don’t write too much personal stuff about yourself. Note that it’s alright to be vague and say things like you like movies or would like to meet people who share your interest in football. Remember to stick to the basics.

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Remember, this is a useful tactic to use all the time. For example, when you’ve found someone and have started chatting, avoid telling them exactly where you live, work, go to school, etc. Essentially, these are the early stages and you’re still going want to figure these people out. So, be cautious and stay safe.

Equally important is being aware of what kinds of questions you’re being asked. For example, are they also asking vague questions to get a conversation rolling? Or, are they asking in-depth personal things? If you find it’s the latter then end the conversation. You’re better safe than sorry.

Do your research

Don’t wait to find out who your new friends are. If you think they’re a cool person and you want to progress the friendship, be smart about it. Fear not, this doesn’t mean hiring a private investigator.

More, you could Google them or check to see if there’s a Facebook or other social media accounts for the name they might’ve given you. Now, no one’s saying you need to dig deep into their personal life, but there’s no harm knowing they’ve given you accurate information. Faries Forest Slot Review

If you do find photos and posts, you can use these to judge if they’re someone who genuinely is likeminded. Say they told you they’re single and you find posts with their wife and kids, is this someone whose values match yours and whom you’d like to start a friendship with?

Trust your gut

This tip is always useful. More so than ever in our digital age. So when you’re talking to someone new online, listen to the voice inside you and what it’s saying. If you feel a niggle that something isn’t quite legit, trust it. 

Say you’ve been talking to someone for some time and you begin to feel some unease. There’ll be a reason why. As such, it’ll likely be in your best interest to cut ties with this person. More so if they continue to contact you after you’ve done this.

If you meet, do so in a public place

This final tip doesn’t apple to online dating. Actually, it’s really important for your safety that you meet new people in a public place because you don’t fully know who they are. So, if you’ve struck up a bond with someone during your online gaming and you decide to meet, pick a bar, cafe, restaurant, park, etc.

During games like Call of Duty, friendships are forged through teamwork, cooperation and communication. So it’s easy to understand how and why players might want to meet in real life. If the person you’re meeting happily agrees, this could be a good sign. If they’ve nothing to hide, they shouldn’t object. After all, it’s for their safety, too. In line with the public spaces, also avoid agreeing that they can pick you up in their car to get there.

Additionally, you could invite a friend to sit aside and keep a close eye on you. To keep things fair, you can invite your new pal to do the same. Again, if they’re legit, there will be little objection.

How To Make Friends in Online Gaming: Conclusion

So there we have it. We want you to enjoy your online gaming experiences. Note that the social side is a huge attraction and there are many communities of wonderful people out there. So, by using our tips, you can immerse yourself, make friends and be safe. 



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