How can Online Gaming make Quarantine more Bearable?

How can Online Gaming make Quarantine more Bearable?

The world as we know it today is getting used to our new way of living. Social distancing, as introduced as a reaction to COVID-19 has meant huge numbers of people having to stay indoors for long periods of time. Lockdown protocols introduced by the various governments across the world have forced changes to our lifestyles. The most prevalent being the impact on our reliance on services delivered online.

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Online gambling

How can online gaming make quarantine more bearable?

How can online gaming make quarantine more bearable?

For those into real-life casinos, clearly, they’ve not been able to get to one for some time. If sitting back and chilling at a casino table is how you usually unwind, self-isolation during a lengthy quarantine isn’t going to work well for you.
Luckily the online casino market is alive and well. Lots of previous sceptics have turned to online casinos during quarantine to get their fix of online gaming joy.

There are six key benefits people are experiencing, specifically when playing online casino games online. Let’s have a look.To Read The Full Article

1. They are convenient

smartphone online gaming

Smartphone Online Gaming

A huge factor as to why people turn to online casinos is that they’re easy to access. Now we’re all in lockdown and we can’t physically get to our favourite casino venues, the internet is a wonderful alternative.

A lot of the bigger casino brands already offer patrons an online platform where they can enjoy their favourite games. You can access the site through a number of methods such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC and even a smart TV if you have one.

2. They are social

If you’re stuck in quarantine without your friends or family, online gaming can be a great source of sociable entertainment. You’re able to feel like you’re back together. An online casino will offer a variety of games to accommodate multiple platers. These range from card games like poker, table games such as roulette, slot games and even bingo. There’s a huge choice for you and this should make quarantine more bearable.

3. They offer something novel

comic book games to make quarantine more bearable

Comic Book Online Games

If you’re totally new to online casino games, you’re in for a treat! This particular platform has so much to offer that you couldn’t possibly get bored. They started with traditional casino game libraries but soon evolved. You’ll find variants of the classics as well as totally unique games. Video slots are where you’ll discover the most imagination. There are lots of different ways to play regarding the number of reels and ways of winning. As for themes; if you’re into something like comic books, movies or even music, you will find a slot game with a theme dedicated to that.

These games come with a storyline to follow. You might come up against an enemy you need to destroy, or a particular symbol you need to land to advance. They offer fantastic graphics and incredible soundtracks to keep you entertained, too. If you’ve never spent time at an online casino, you won’t fail to be wowed by the gripping experience.

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4. Live dealer games put you at the heart of the action

The biggest gripe those who enjoy a physical casino experience have with online casinos is that, simply, they’re not real. Avid gamblers feel online experiences lack authenticity. Some firmly believe that an online platform just doesn’t have the same atmosphere as their brick and mortar counterparts.

Live dealer options are a great compromise to make your quarantine more bearable. They have a real person dealing at a real table and you can interact with this person during your game. Not only is this great for seeing another person if you’re in lockdown alone, but it gives you peace of mind that your game is fair and authentic.

real life online casino dealers

Live Dealer Casinos During Qaurantine

With a real-life dealer, you can be confident in your game. Typically a site will have a chat feature you can use to talk to that person as well as the others playing the game. The most-loved games are poker, blackjack, baccarat, dice games, bingo, wheel games (jackpots) and lotteries.

Thanks to huge advances in technology, you can immerse yourself into the casino. With virtual reality, you can literally step into a casino, walk around, enjoy a drink at the bar or chat to your opponents. There really isn’t much more technology can do to take you away from your boring quarantine and literally replace your surroundings with an authentic casino setting. All you need is a supporting headset to transport you.

5. They offer great welcome bonuses

Again, if you’re new to online gambling, you’re in a great position to take advantage of welcome bonuses at online casinos. These bonuses could be a deposit match, cashback, no-deposit required bonuses, free spins for slot games, referral bonuses for you and your pals or even a reward for using a certain payment method.

Fair Go Casino welcome bonus

Fair Go Casino Welcome Bonus

All you need to do is sign up for a new account and head to the promotions page of your chosen casino. Please read the terms and conditions as there will likely be wagering requirements, minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts, a given time period in which to claim and use the bonus and specific qualifying games to use the bonus on.

You’re able to play a lot of the games in free mode so you’re not financially-committed to anything you might not want to be before you’re ready.

6. They offer the chance to be anonymous

Thanks to the introduction of cryptocurrencies at online casinos you can pay and play anonymously. From anywhere. A lot of casinos accept bitcoin as well as other, newer, cryptocurrencies. You can avoid giving a site your personal and financial information and you can rest assured knowing that cryptocurrency transactions are all encrypted.

What about online gaming?

More of us have turned to online gaming as a means of coping with quarantine and connecting with people, family and friends.

Online gaming growth since lockdown and covid 19

Online Gaming Growth Since Qaurantin

Studies conducted during lockdown have revealed that online gaming during this pandemic has been a successful tool for combating isolation and staying entertained.

The figures have shown a significant increase in how many people are using online video gaming platforms since lockdown began in March.

Within just two weeks of lockdown starting, some platforms saw a surge in users by 50%. Steam, the online gaming platform, reported a spike from 16m to 24m in this period.

Hull University lecturer, Simon Grey, specialises in physical simulation, graphics and games. He said people have been flocking to online gaming because they are already so used to being social online. He made a note that these numbers are pointing to more players joining up than an increase in the hours existing players are putting in.

Turning to online gaming 

There is data suggesting people are turning to online games during the pandemic as a means of socialising with family and friends. Not simply a way to waste a few hours when there’s nothing better to do.

The video gaming market is the biggest of all in the entertainment industry which brings in more revenue than film and music combined. It is no surprise that some of the world’s most popular online game names have experienced significant demand since the beginning of March.

Global Offensive, part of the Counter-Strike range, saw new players increase by 360,000. Dota 2 gained 120,000.

online digital board game during covid 19

Monopoly Online Digital Board Game

Family favourites like online versions of board games have naturally risen in popularity too. A whopping 350% growth in use statistics. Digital versions of games are being used where the physical versions might not be within reach. Now we’re forced to stay inside with our families, we might as well have some fun together.

Grey did give a warning about the risks of online gaming, advising us all to be mindful if our playing starts to interfere with our relationships, usual routine  -especially sleep). Maintaining a normal routine is critical for mental health. Typically, we see spikes of traffic in the evenings and weekends and this is natural. Online gaming is best enjoyed whilst following what would be the routine of a normal working week.

Those benefitting the most are the ones with access to high-speed internet. Online games require increasingly rapid speeds for optimal playing experiences. If you don’t have this, this will likely help you to plan your gaming time around who is streaming what in your household.

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How can online gaming make quarantine more bearable? -Final thoughts

COVID-19 has certainly ground the whole world down to almost a total stop, but not quite. We need to overcome and adapt.

You can make your quarantine more bearable by learning about and trying online gaming and gambling with friends and family to bring you closer together when you can’t physically be. Thanks to technology, we can be close enough to touch.

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