Facts about online gaming

Facts about online gaming

It’s really surprising how much impact online gaming has had on the lives of so many people. There have been different changes for different groups of gamers. You’re able to meet so many different people online, through online games. People from all over the world. This opens up some opportunity to learn more about different nationalities, cultures, ethnicities and likely ages, too.

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What makes online gaming so alluring? We’ve put together some interesting facts about online gaming that will blow your socks off!

Here we go.

More girls than boys game

Girl and boy online gamers

Facts about online gaming: Boys vs Girls

You might find this one hard to believe, but it’s totally true. When you consider that there are more women than men in the world then it’s not too hard to get your head around. The estimate is that there’s a ratio of 55% women to 45% of men online gaming. Women also tend to hide their real identities for protection. This shows us that the world of gaming is not the exclusive boy’s club we initially thought it was. Gamer girls are some fierce ladies and they can play with the best of them.

Most online gamers are Chinese

A lot of people wonder what the most popular country for online gamers is. It’s China. The population of China is around 368m and there’s a wonderful gaming culture. Online gaming is one of the most rapidly growing markets globally. There’s a lot of support and funding from investors who are keen to see bigger and better games and it’s no wonder avid gamers are lapping it up.

Which leads us to the next fact…

China makes the most amount of profit from online gaming

Gaming is dominating Chinese business markets and as a result, it made about $27b in 2018. The majority of this revenue came from MMORPG, MMO and F2P and other player-to-player games. This is such an impressive performance that other countries have struggled to keep up with China.

Online gaming opened doors for online gambling

Online gaming was the pioneer for playing games online. Casinos soon caught on that they could bring most of their classics online to draw in a bigger and newer audience. Online casinos make millions of dollars every month.

online-casinoThe number of online casinos is almost immeasurable. Digitising what was traditionally a brick and mortar affair has meant people can access their favourite games without having to leave their homes. They can sit back, relax and play a few hands of poker. You can still be social, with chat options and even private rooms for your friends. Thanks to the relatively easy path to starting an online casino (although, please note the regulation is a different matter), competition is high so there is a lot of choice for drawing you in.

If you’re already an online gamer and you’re of that mindset, you might find turning your hand to an online casino game to be quite lucrative.

Online gaming improves your social skills

Playing games online means you get to interact with others. These will be people from all over the world. You can learn so much from speaking to people that you wouldn’t necessarily be interacting within your everyday life. You can learn etiquette and conversation skills playing games online. A lot of the games themselves require good communication in order to be successful. Learning these skills can be beneficial in a number of real-life situations.

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Online gaming saves lives


Hans Olsen

There’s a true story here. A young girl was saved from a Moose attack in Norway in 2007. A young lad of 12 came to his sister’s rescue by using skills he had learned in World of Warcraft. He taunted the animal by shouting loudly to make sure the attention was on him and when the moose approached, his sister fled to safety whilst the boy played dead. The moose left both kids alone and they went home unscathed.

There have also been reports of online friends in different countries noticing changes in behaviour and contacting their friends and families during times of concern for mental health. This act of compassion has been the helping hand that some people needed to get themselves some help.

Online gaming improves your critical thinking ability

People like to think online gaming has no benefits to people, but we’re seeing here that’s simply false.

Aspects of some games require the player to solve a puzzle or plot and generally the player is constantly thinking about how to advance themselves in the game. This requires a person with attention to detail and focus. This is great for a lot of people who need to sharpen their critical thinking skills.

Virtual Reality has grown in popularity thanks to online gaming

Facts about online gamingOnline gaming has changed a lot over the past few years thanks to developments in VR technology. Players can immerse themselves in a new world. VR lets us experience things in totally new ways. Use of a headset and controllers takes us into the game. This puts everything but your physical form right there in the heart of the action.

Famous people are online gamers

Lots of people you might’ve seen on TV or in films are avid gamers. Mila Kunis, Lady Gaga, Henry Cavill and Snopp Dogg to name a handful are into the likes of WoW, Halo and CoD.

In fact, a lot of the characters you learn to love are voiced by celebs. The iconic voice of Samual L. Jackon can be heard in Grand Theft Auto and Seth Green as the Joker in Mass E. If you think you recognise something, check it out and you might be surprised!

Facts about online gaming: Helping people build leadership skills

Some online games need groups of up to 40 people, all playing at the same time, but have to meet different goals or defeat opponents in a group setting. This kind of game needs a leader. When there’s a good leader, there’s a plan and a strategy in place and you lead that team toward success. People become better players under good leaders.

Online gaming is great for soothing anxiety and stress

facts about online gaming

Facts about online gaming: Stress

Everyone has a hectic life now and then and with responsibilities can come anxiety. You might feel it during the day and unknowingly bring it home with you. When you get home, you can switch your console on and dive into a game session that helps you refocus your attention away from your troubles and toward something you enjoy.

Online gaming started gaming conventions

Gamers all over the world love to meet up in their thousands to enjoy a convention. There are performances, exclusive announcements and the opportunity to talk with developers. Sometimes you can meet those celebrity voice artists we mentioned!

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Online gaming has influenced multiple platforms

People actually really enjoy watching other people play online games. Gamers have utilised the likes of YouTube to record or stream hours of their gaming that a lot of people seem to enjoy.

Some offer tutorials on how to play, some will show particularly challenging elements and how to get past them, maybe there’s a review of the game or some insights into what people have learned through playing it. Sometimes it’s just some friends having a great time. Nonetheless, online gamers are turning to other platforms to share the love.

Online gaming has made a lot of people very wealthy

Online gamers can make a lot of money whilst they play. It depends on how many followers they have, the number of hours they’ve streamed or posted online and how many and how much people have donated. They can make a lot of cash from their work. The people we mentioned above who are taking YouTube by storm certainly aren’t doing it for free.

Augmented reality has boosted online gaming

Pokemon Go online gamingAs with VR, AR has shown a lot of potential. AR doesn’t take you to a whole new world in which you can become fully-immersed, however. Rather, your game comes alive on your screen. Games like Minecraft Earth have been developed so players can bring their game to life. Building game-based items, developing characters and other things right there in your hand as if it were really happening. The biggest and best example of this is the sensation that is Pokemon Go. Now you don’t have to be tied to a sofa to enjoy a game. You can get active whilst playing, too!

Online gaming has given people jobs

Have you ever thought about how many people are involved in creating a game? Designers, developers, animators, writers, voice artists, sound engineers… The list is likened to a Hollywood film. It’s awesome thinking that something designed to bring you joy has also put food on the table for families!

Online gaming isn’t just for teenagers

A lot of people think online gaming is for teens. The typical image is of a 12 – 19 year old. This isn’t the case at all!

Some games even have senior citizens regularly playing! In fact, there are stats to suggest that up to a third of all online gamers are over the age of 50. They have their own kids and grandkids in some cases and they’re enjoying playing games with their families.

Facts About Online Gaming: Final Thoughts

The gaming industry isn’t what we thought it was. It’s opened up a lot of opportunities for people and comes with a plethora of benefits like friends, building social skills and even building your bank account. There’s a lot to be learned and friendships to be made.

Technology only ever goes in one direction, so it’ll be wildly interesting to see how the platforms we play online games on develop over the coming years and the different ways we’ll be able to enjoy this pastime.

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