Does Upload Speed Affect Online Gaming?

Does upload speed affect online gaming?

What are the specific speed requirements for online gaming on the popular platforms?

Different game platforms each have varying qualities. You usually get the required speeds for internet gaming with the following; 1Mbps Uploading speed, a Ping rate of under 150ms and a 3Mbps download speed.

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does upload speed affect online gamingRemember that these are numbers for solo players, and are the bare minimum requirements for online gaming. For an easier internet gaming experience, the speed of downloading should be closer to between 15-25 megabits per second, per gamer. A faster connection means the game can load quicker and reduce lag in gameplay.
To work out the sum for multi-players on the same connection, times the requirements by the number of gamers who will be playing simultaneously. An example would be four people with you that want to play online, the internet connection will need to be at least 12 Mbps of bandwidth for download.

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A more in-depth guide on any specified needs for the gaming system you use is below. Want to know more about the differences between uploading and downloading speeds? Below you can find out the variations on internet speed in this online guide.

This advice is for ping and speed rates are on the basis of what is available currently for the most popular games devices. Previous designs should perform well with the suggested speeds and plenty could work with less. Latency is calculated by the ping rate, for higher quality gaming online. Recommendations for ping rates have been included where available.


  • Download speed: Minimum 3Mbps
  • Upload speed: Minimum 0.5Mbps (500 Kbps)
  • Top allowance of ping rate: Minimum 150ms (millisecond)
 xbox logo


The Xbox One’s speeds are straight forward to find, whereas some other gaming systems will require a little research. Xbox One has included the ping rates for gamers to be able to check that games will run smoothly.

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Playstation 4

  • Download speed: N/A (3 Mbps has been estimated)
  • Upload speed: N/A (1Mbps has been estimated)
  • Top allowance of ping rate: N/A (150 ms has been estimated)
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Sony Playstation

A dial-up connection to the internet won’t work with PlayStation 4, their user manual has stated that a broadband connection is required. Although the manual does not state specific download or upload speeds or the ping rate, it appears to be based on a broader meaning of broadband as apposed to official FCC definitions. Offical FCC definitions state that internet connectivity needs to be at least 25Mbps to be recognised as broadband.

Although these are suggestions and not exact, other popular consoles work with similar configurations this should work well for gaming.

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Nintendo Switch

  • Download speed: 3Mbps
  • The upload speed minimum: 1 Mbps
  • Maximum ping rate allowable: Non-applicable (150ms has been estimated)
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Nintendo Switch

There are no direct internet speeds given for Nintendo however when the user troubleshoots, the guide asks the user to test if their speeds meet 3Mbps for downloads and uploading 1Mbps. If the answer to this is “yes,” the troubleshooting guide will assume that the speed is not the root of the issue.

If, however, the user answers “no,” the troubleshooter will suggest that you “might need an upgrade”. Given the information, it’s assumed the guide outlines an appropriate benchmark speed to facilitate a smooth game playing experience. The only downside seems to be, is that Nintendo does not give any idea as to what the appropriate ping rate could be.

What about speeds for a desktop or a Mac?

  • Download speed: Minimum 3-6Mbps
  • Upload speeds: Minimum 3-6 Mbps
  • Ping rate: Maximum 100-150ms

PC variety makes online gaming experience vary, even more, the recommendations based off of this wide variety can be difficult to suggest what speeds work best. It is possible to base a minimum suggested online requirements with the following below.

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Latency and ping rates during gaming

There are other networking factors that might potentially affect your experience whilst online. Although the speed of the internet is considered important for online gaming session that doesn’t cause a lag, Internet providers will generally give enough speed to sustain decent gameplay. Slow response and buffered gameplay are quite often because of high latency.

online gaming ping and latency ratesThe ping rate often commonly called “lag” will refer to the latency of the point in time where the message goes from one specific place online and how fast it gets back to the other side. Physical distance can affect the latency between your internet connection and the server you are connecting too. The volume of traffic experienced by a given network can also slow down your experience if a lot of people are using it at the same time.

Online gaming that is life is affected more than other online gaming by lag as it needs a rapid response time. A good example is a first-person shooter and you need to take the shot by pressing a button. The system you are using will send a specific signal over to the server letting it know you need the action to be a shot. High latency will mean that the signal will take longer to get to the server, creating lag. If yourself and other online players are all trying to shoot each other in the game, those opponents with lower latency get their signal to the server first. This, therefore, gives them the advantage in the game.

Wi-Fi and online gaming

Wireless connections can be affected by interference, potentially causing disruptions to gameplay or a slower experience. Online gaming benefits greatly from a hardwired internet connection, as there is less chance for disruption.

does upload speed affect online gaming with wifiHowever, if a hardwired connection isn’t possible, a  Wi-Fi signal will make your online gaming much smoother and be an overall better experience for playing online. You can significantly enhance the Wi-Fi at home with a Wi-Fi extender.

These recommendations are for one person gaming online at a time. If you have multiple people in your household using the internet simultaneously, you will need a higher internet speed.

How much internet speed do I need for online gaming?

If you feel like the speed of your internet service isn’t sufficient to maintain your gaming hobby, you simply need to shop around for a faster service. Usually, you just need to enter your postcode into a comparison tool and they’ll do the hard work for you. You can compare the packages on offer specifically available in your area. This way, next time you’ve got the perfect aim on your target, you can obliterate that newb.

does upload speed affect online gaming the best speedsGenerally speaking, a decent internet speed for the average user is about 30 Mpbs. Some will manage on less and other people will need significantly more. 30 Mbps is a good average to start on.

A decent speed is subjective to what you need it to do. loosely speaking, a “good” speed is one that allows you to do that whatever it is you want to online with no restrictions. So that depends what you’re doing and how many devices are connected at a time.

Does Upload Speed Affect Online Gaming: Conclusion

So, now you’ve learned that yes, when asking does upload speed affect online gaming, it very much does impact your online gaming experience! If you want rapid response time, make sure you’re with an Internet Service Provider that is known for being reliable in your area. Happy gaming!

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