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Citadel Online Banking

Citadel is one of the most trusted banking options, and since its launched its instant banking services in 2000, Citadel Commerce has become the most reliable and trusted e-commerce payment processing brands worldwide. Some of the leading online merchants worldwide utilize citadel’s groundbreaking bank transfer expertise, and its dedicated team uses its experience in payment processing and risk management to provide users a secure online payment experience conceivable.

Why Citadel is Recommended

Citadel offers instant banking services to over 24 countries including Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom. Via Citadel instant banking is readily usable to make payments or deposits from several platforms including Mac, desktop, tablets and smartphones. The service is accepted in multiple currencies and in over 24 countries that utilize Citadel Banking services.

Citadel Banking


Citadel Security

Instant Banking by Citadel does not store user banking details in any of its systems. Before approval of a transaction is given, users will need to answer several questions to authenticate their accounts. Citadel utilizes the same Anti-Money Laundering and KYC systems as used by large financial institutions to protect member details. Experts created its system to offer sophisticated security software technologies in order to guarantee complete safety. The Financial Conduct Authority, under the Payment Service Regulations 2009, accredits Citadel Commerce UK Limited.

Creating A Citadel Account

Citadel Instant Banking requires no account setup and offers immediate access to instant banking. The process to use this alternative payment involves visiting an online casino that displays the Citadel logo followed by logging into personal bank account, players can then select the account they would like to use for the transfer and once it is approved transfer is instant. If the selected bank is not supported, players are required to use the download version. Easy installation assistance is offered, and the application is tiny and extremely fast to install.

Citadel  Fees

Citadel also offers the perfect on the go instant services; users can transfer funds, and check account balances as well as history.  By using Citadel instant services to deposit funds into your online casinos account the cost is 1.5 units of currency used or the local currency in the country from where use takes place per transaction. Users should also be aware that banks might charge a fee money Internet transfers.

Benefits Using Citadel Banking   

Citadel instant banking created a transfer system that is trusted, private, secure, and fast when used to transfer funds to your online casino account from any bank. Citadel services are available in over 24 different countries and utilized by more than 300 financial institutions worldwide. Citadel offers a reduced fee rate and is committed to keeping costs as low as possible at all times, for online play the services is accessible across all platforms and can be used 24 hours a day.

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Citadel Banking
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Citadel Banking
Learn about Citadel Banking that offers the perfect instant banking services; users can transfer funds and check account balances whilst on the go!

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