Wild Knights King Ransom Slot Review | Play Online for Free

Wild Knights King Ransom Slot Review | Play Online for Free

The Wild Knights King Ransom is an online casino video slot that is based around a band of wild and ruthless knights who are on a mission to kidnap a wealthy king in hopes to receive some of gold and riches as a ransom. Before they can go on with their personal mission, the knights must solve a series of symbols and put them in the correct order before they can go through with their devious plan. This slot was developed by Barcrest and features five royal reels and ten pay lines. This slot includes free spins, a pot bonus, gauntlet bonus, wild times bonus, and big bet bonus.

Theme and Symbols

The theme of this slot is filled with deception and malicious plans. The band of royal yet mischievous knights is planning a heist to kidnap the king. They know his people well like the king and that he has a load of gold in his castle. However, the knights must first go through a series of symbols and put them in the correct order to help the kidnapping plan go smoothly and without a hitch. This slot is filled with a lively and epic soundtrack that would make any player feel as if they were a knight themselves, along with smooth animations, and eye-catching graphics that are sure to impress any slot player – no matter their skill level.

The reels are encased in a classic gold border and give off a dull yet noticeable appearance. The symbols featured match the theme and aesthetic of Wild Knights King Ransom perfectly and flow with the idea. All symbols found on its reels blend perfectly with the theme and include the king, attractive king, three coloured pots: gold, silver, and bronze, the coat of arms and the mask of the knight. In addition to those mentioned, you will find a variety of lower paying letter and number symbols.

Special Features

Wild Knights King Ransom only features a few special features that can be used during the game. These features are unlimited and can be used many times as the player activates them. The main goal of these features is to help the payer generate more wins.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by a silver shield that features the word “wild” plastered on the front. The wild symbol has the ability to replace all other symbols, excluding the scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbol

There are three different scatter symbols; the golden pot of gold, the red shield, and the blue shield. If there are three or more of the same scatter symbol on the reels, they will activate one of the bonuses

Wild Knights King Ransom Bonuses

Wild Knights King Ransom features an array of bonus that can be used to help generate more wins and higher valued wins as well. Each bonus is unlimited and can be used as long as the player meets the requirements to activate them.

Free Spins

This bonus can be triggered by having three or more of either the red or blue shield on the reels during a round. They will appear on either reel two, four, or three. The spins are unlimited, but they will stop once there are no more knights present on the board. If a wild symbol appears, it will be moved down one reel level after each successful winning spin.

Pots Bonus

This bonus will be triggered by three or more gold pot scatter symbols are present on the board. The will appear on the first, third, or fifth reels. During this bonus, players will be prompted to select a card and receive a multiplier.

Gauntlet Bonus

This bonus can be triggered at any time after a non-winning spin occurs. This will cause one or more symbols to change to grant an automatic win,

Wild Times Bonus

This bonus can be triggered randomly after a spin occurs and there is no winning pay line. It will change a few symbols on the reels into wild symbols.

Big Bet Bonus

If the player chooses to pay a bit extra, they will activate the big bet bonus that will gift the player’s additional enhanced features. A few of these features are frozen shield symbols that will help trigger the free spins game and the roundtable bonus activation. The roundtable bonus will allow players to the opportunity to choose between a multiplier or entry into the free spins game.

Our take on Wild Knights King Ransom

Wild Knights King Ransom is a well-executed online slot that happens to be an upgraded version of another video slot called Wild Knights. This version features more bonuses and special features that helped generate more wins for the players as well as higher valued wins. Overall, there was no shortcoming featured that made this slot less functional nor fun – instead, the features offered actually increased the enjoyability of the game.

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