Hula Hula Nights Slot Review | A lot of Free Spin Bonuses

Hula Hula Nights Slot Review | A lot of Free Spin Bonuses

Hula Hula Nights is an online video slot that takes place in everyone’s dream vacation spot- Hawaii. In this slot, the player is relaxing on a beach at night when a stunning hula girl announces that there is going to be a hula completion coming up soon, and the winner will receive a cash prize. This dreamy slot features stunning floral arrangements and a relaxing vibe that only a Hawaiian beach can give off.

Developed by Barcrest, this slot has five relaxed reels and ten pay lines. In addition, this slot includes a variety of bonus features that can prove quite valuable such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, green reels, free spins, a big bet game and the opportunity to win up to $250,000.00. Hula Hula Nights can be played on a traditional desktop and has been optimised for mobile devices powered by Apple and Android.

Theme and Symbols

The theme of Hula Hula Nights is focused around the player preparing for an exciting hula dance battle, where the winner will receive a generous lump sum of cash as the reward.The reels are surrounded by a classic gold border and are illuminated thanks to the falling sunset and the fires in the background. The symbols that are incorporated in this slot perfectly fit the theme and aesthetic and blends in perfectly.

This video slot has a relaxed and dark aesthetic that makes it more realistic to a late night hula competition, along with the upbeat soundtrack in the background, the smooth and flawless animations, and realistic graphics that are sure to impress. As for symbols to look forward to include a beautiful hula girl that has a beaming smile, the mysterious man in the competition that’s wearing a classic tiki mask along with an outfit crafted out of green leaves, the stunning flower arrangements filled with yellow, purple, and red.

Special Features

Hula Hula Nights incorporated a few additional special features that will aid the player generating more wins for themselves. This includes free spins, expanding wild symbols, scatters and a big bet game.

Green Reels

This feature is random and one through five of them can be triggered during a round. When the green reels are activated, they will show one of the award symbols in an expanded format. Once they are finished spinning and after each reward has been displayed, the total will be tallied up, and the player will get their winning before starting a new round.

Wild Symbols

The beautiful hula girl is the wild symbol. It will have the ability to substitute all other symbols that are present on the reels during the round, except for the scatter symbols. The rules for the wild symbols are the same for the big bet game.

Hula Nights Free Spins

Three or more scatter cards will trigger the free spins feature. During the free spins feature, the green reels will be active and will display one of the mysterious symbols that are valued at random. The minimum amount of free spins the player can receive is ten while the maximum is twenty-five. Retriggers can happen during the free spins game.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol is easy to recognise as it will feature the phrase ‘Hula nights’ on it. Having three or more of these symbols present on the board will activate the Hula Nights Free Spins game.

Hula Hula Nights Bonuses

This video slot only featured one bonus game that all other Barcrest slot games have – the big bet. This bonus game can be played as many times as the player wants and can be activated easily. This bonus can generate higher valued wins for the player.

Big Bet Game

Once the player either bets $20.00, $30.00 or even $50.00 the big bet game will be triggered. The different values all feature different features that could help the player with their wins. A few of these features are frequent wild symbols, free spins, double height scatter symbols and more pay lines.

Our take on Hula Hula Nights

Hula Hula Nights is a unique and relaxing video slot that players could enjoy with ease. The theme is something that many players dream of while the bonus and special feature make this slot even more enjoyable, especially considering how the payer can generate more wins and double their winnings if luck is on their side. One shorting that was found in this slot was the lack on bonuses, while the big bet bonus can help the player generate higher valued wins, it seems to limit other players who are not comfortable betting that much just for a chance. Despite that, the slot is still extremely fun and functional.

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