10 Myths about Video Games

10 Myths about Video Games

When you hear that someone actually works in the world of online gaming, there are a lot of misconceptions. Online video gaming has evolved so much over the past 5 years. The negative views that people once held are simply not true. There are ten myths about video games that revolve in conversation. We’re going to debunk them all now.

Having any kind of gaming experience gives many who aren’t in the “club” misconceptions on what online gaming is really like. In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of changes to the world of online gaming and a lot of peoples views today are simply out of date to what gaming actually is.  Let’s break down these walls together and open up a dialogue so that gamers and non-gamers alike can be on the same page.

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1. Online gaming is not good for kids and wastes too much time

kids-playing-online-gamesThis is a common misconception and most gamers would disagree with this opinion. Games offer a multilayer of creative thinking and confidence building, as well as hand-eye-coordination. Most games have educational benefits and challenge problem-solving abilities through puzzles and quest clearing. Gaming online doesn’t have to be a solo experience either, most children will play online with friends and this builds coordination through team building games and leadership skills. Children, of course, should play outside as well and get into sports to build up relationships with friends in real life too.
Playing online doesn’t mean for hours and hours either, kids should be limited to playing for 30minuets at a time.

2. Gaming online is addictive

Addicted-To-Online-GamingIt should be noted that gaming can be addictive. There is a certain thrill of being able to clear levels and level up your characters and this can make you want to lay for a little bit longer to complete these tasks. Much like when you want to read one more chapter of a really good book for example. Hardcore progressive games such as World of Warcraft, see gamers invest a lot of time and sometimes money into their characters as they are characters that they have for the entry to playing the game.

Ultimately it is down to the adult individuals to give themselves parameters on how long they should be gaming and the same with adults of children who play online, it is your responsibility to teach them limits. Gaming like any hobby has addictive qualities but games are made to be fun and relaxing experiences when played.

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3. Only the unemployed play online games

unemployed myths about video gamesGames and online gaming is for everyone. There are all types of games and not one of them is designed specifically for the unemployed. They are designed for all ages and for both sexes. Women will often play first-person shooter battle style games and men will play Candy Crush on the way home from work on the train.

There’s interactive learning for children and parents alike and games that help you learn new languages and new skills from passing levels. Sure there probably are a lot of employed that play online but that certainly would not make up the lion’s share of the demographic of online gamers. There is an infinite amount of games to be played and to be played by all.

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4. World of Warcraft and the world of online social gaming

world of warcraft online video game mythWoW is an intense MMORPG – “Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game” It is one of the biggest online social gaming platforms out there it has been in the number one top stop for online gaming for a number of years and it is easy to see how.

This multiplayer game makes it easy to play online with friends, being able to take on monsters and other players together in a team and complete quests by supporting one another.

World of Warcraft sees hours of gameplay and is a bit of an undertaking in the gaming community, levelling up and spending time online boosts your character and takes you to new levels the longer you play. It is a hardcore game for a reason as it does mean spending time on levelling the character that you normally have for the entirety of the gameplay. With World of Warcraft open world and seemingly endless gameplay, it’s easy to see how you can spend hours playing it. For more myths about video games, keep reading.

5. You need a games console to be able to play online games

nintendo switch online video games consoleWe are lucky enough to live in an age with technology that supports mobile gaming. Most of us have our phones with us 24-7 so games have adapted to this and made mobile versions of games you can play on console.

Consoles are fun. Players often own one of each platform either Xbox and Playstation and the Nintendo Switch all offer different experiences and there is also computer gaming that sees you using a PC or laptop to play online. There are plenty of options today to play online, you just need to pick the one that you feel most comfortable playing with.

6. Girls can’t play games

girl gamers myths online video gamesAs gaming has become increasingly more accessible to all sorts of people. Gaming is for everyone there is still an underlying idea in the gaming community that girls don’t want to play games online or on a console.

That simply is not true and although most games have a slightly more male demographic girls and women are changing this misconception daily. Statistics can see that there are many more female competitive gamers, online streaming platforms such as twitch see regular interactions from girl games on its platform.

7. People hate paying for virtual items

Virtual Items Online Video Gaming MythsYou don’t need to pay at all for online gaming unless you as the player want to. There are always options for paying for upgrades or working harder in the game to level up without paying.

It is a very clever concept, want to level up quicker? Then pay 79p here or there for upgrades. You can do it without but it will take you longer. It is totally up to the individual but they must know their own limits with online spending as it is real money buying virtual coins or items. You can set limits on yourself if you feel you need to.

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8. Online gaming shouldn’t have advertising

mobile online video gaming advertisingOnline gaming is a huge entertainment source in the last few years alone. It’s not only about the number of gamers but also their engagement with playing online games. Displaying only relevant ads is a smart thing the online advertisers should do. People do not want intrusive ads but rather show potential buyers on how to enhance their gaming online.

There is a new mobile company Kiip that launched a profitable HTML5 platform which benefitted gamers and advertisers. These ads are added to enhance gamers online experience, they can be in the form of banners on the side of the online game – or special items in-game. This is a brand new form of advertising one that could be very lucrative for advertisers looking to expand their own marketing.

9. Gaming is only popular in the West

myths of cultural video gamesThere is no specific side of the world that sees more popularity over another. Rather than gaming online is popular worldwide. Games are made with a multitude of different languages so players from around the world can play them. Most games now will also tailor certain aspects of gameplay to include more cultural influences.

This was seen in Indian which saw a rise in cricket-based games. Games are constantly evolving to be as inclusive as possible with references to other cultures, languages, landscapes and diversity in characters.

10. Apps are the best way to play a mobile game

mobile video gaming app mythsMany thought that mobile gaming would see a take over in the platform race. However due to a lot of limitations with what phones could support it was about seeing how they could be supported on Android or iOS systems rather than the games themselves. This has seen a change in the market as to what has been made available for mobile gaming and given software developers a chance to takes some of the market edge on the consol games by offering players AR gameplay for example. Being in the real world but still connected to the virtual world.

It really is down to preference but it is clear to see that with console driven game sales, that they are still the market leaders. With the soon to be released Xbox X and Playstation 5, it’s clear to see that as an audience we still like being able to play online at home in the living room with a big screen and HD graphics to transport us into our favourite games. Like our 10 myths about video games, dont forget to subscribe!


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10 Myths About Video Games
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